How much do they protect us from Ffp2 masks, Omigron and Kovit? –

Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions and reduce the risk of coronavirus infection by up to 0.1%, according to a German study.

The Ffp22 bezels They became Mandatory in Italy under certain circumstances Accommodation on planes and trains can be long, and even On public transport Distance in theaters, theaters, theaters, etc. cannot be guaranteed.

But Ffp2 masks actually protect us from Covit-19 and especially from the variant The most contagious is Omigron?

The answer has been confirmed by several studies, including recent studies.

FFP is a face filter, facial filter and the performance ranges from 1 to 3 according to European standards. Ffp2 filters an average of 94% of all aerosols (92 to 98%), Including viruses that spread through the air Such as Govit-19.

These masks Expensive (Can be worn Eight hours Before replacing them) cDifferent fabrics omposed through several layers, Which has a Polypropylene filter Capable of trapping even the smallest particles in the air.

Ffp2 (and the more efficient Ffp3) contains a cHigher filtration capacity than normal surgical masks (They only retain the wearer’s largest aerosol particles: in short, they protect others more than the wearer) and not only protect others, they also protect the wearer, and they are especially suitable for enclosed or congested areas. The spread is high.

Ffp2 masks have a high filtration power at the outlet and towards the wearer (over 90%), and surgical masks reach a maximum of 20% at the entrance, so it is rarely effective for the wearer to protect himself.

Like surgical masks The performance of Ffp2 depends on how they are worn. A study published in December Max Planck Company, A German research firm, and citedEconomist, Explained that if taken Two people three meters away from each other, One not vaccinated, the other positive for Govt disease, within five minutes A person who is not vaccinated will be infected with almost 100% certainty.

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But if the same people are wearing Ffp2 masks properly The risk of viral infection is reduced to 0.1%.

Explain whether both the corona virus positive and the non-infected person wear well-fitting Ffp2 masks, The maximum risk of infection after 20 minutes is over one in a thousand, Even at short distances.

If their masks are worn incorrectly, the risk of infection increases by about 4%, although this greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Another recent study was published Internal Medicine Jam Compared with the filtration capabilities of different types of masks, Ffp2 was found to have a filtration efficiency of 98, 4%, while cloth or surgical masks contained between 26% and 79% of virus particles.

The problem with Ffp2 is that, in addition to the high price, it is very tired to wear, They are less tolerated and make breathing harder.

To deal with the problem, those who have அடைப்பான் This makes the wearer more comfortable, however they do not protect the people around them, thus having the opposite function to the operation.

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