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After the first attempt to mediate between Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin increased the scale of the military offensive and indiscriminately bombed Ukrainian cities. A long convoy marches to Kiev. The humanitarian emergency is getting worse. However, the door to negotiations remains open: the delegates will meet again in this second round on the border between Belarus and Poland.

12.39 pm: Will the talks resume?
Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2, a new round of talks in Moscow-Kiev is possible: the company reports Rio Novosti. But not long ago, the Kremlin refused new talks

12.00: Zhelensky: “Terrorist Putin”
Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in the morning about the dramatic and very violent attacks on Kharkiv. “The rocket fired in the central square of Kharkiv is a real terrorist act. Thus, Russia became a terrorist country. It is a war crime. No one will forgive. No one will forget,” said Vladimir Putin.

11.40 am: How Russian missiles work
In a video posted on Twitter by CNN reporter Frederik Pleitgen, you can follow the journey of Russian military trucks to the Ukrainian border, which can be loaded with T-72 tank chassis-mounted T-72 tanker warships and thermoparic-equipped missiles. This creates a very strong pressure wave when it explodes, tearing the internal organs of those nearby. In short, Russia maintains its worst arsenal

11.21: Moscow: “Continue until the end”
The brutal threats from Russia announce how the armed forces will “carry out special military operations until they reach specific targets.” This was broadcast on state television at a press conference by Russian Defense Minister Shoiku. In fact, negotiations are canceled with a single sentence

11.10: Belarusian troops in Ukraine
Ukrainian armed forces have condemned the entry of Belarusian troops into Chernihiv. In short, the war is spreading

11.03: Lavrov: US nuclear weapons are unacceptable in Europe
As for Russia, it is “unacceptable that the U.S. has nuclear weapons on the borders of a certain number of European countries, and the time has come for the United States to withdraw them.” According to TASS, these are the threatening words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a video message addressed to the United Nations Conference on Disarmament. The Ukrainian ambassador and ambassadors from several countries ignored Lavrov’s speech and left the room after his pre-recorded message was released.

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10.55: Russia “uses thermophilic and cluster bombs”
Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations Oksana Markarova has condemned the Russian military’s use of thermophilic and cluster munitions on Ukrainian targets. These types of weapons are “trying to wreak havoc in Ukraine”.

10 a.m .: Ukraine: Number of Russian victims
According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the Russian army lost 5,710 soldiers and captured 200 more. There are no independent estimates of casualties among Russians or Ukrainians; The UN says more than 400 civilians have been affected, but the fear is that this is a widely underestimated number.

9.50 am: Furnessina, “On trains from Kiev”
The Italian Foreign Ministry has asked all Italians living in Kiev to leave the city. “Comrades who are still in the Ukrainian capital and its environs are advised to use more available routes, including trains, in the absence of curfew orders. We recommend with the utmost caution.”

09.40 am: Thanks to Zhelensky, William and Kate
“Olena and I are grateful to the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge for standing up for our country and supporting our brave citizens at this crucial moment in Ukraine’s courageous opposition to the invasion of Russia. Good luck.”

08.36: Kiev, almost under siege
Bomb sirens sound in Kiev after a relatively quiet night, compared to the war of earlier days. But the 60 km convoy of Russian vehicles will extend from the Antonov air base north of Pribirsk, near the Belarus border. So, in Kiev, the situation is “tough and tense”, explained the mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko, who fears that a dramatic siege will begin. “Civilians staying in the city without special permission during the curfew order will be considered members of enemy sabotage groups,” he wrote on Facebook. Meanwhile, at night, a warning was issued. In Kiev and other Ukrainian cities – Rivne, Volyn, Ternopil, Uman, Sergosy, Vinnitsia – loud anti-aircraft sirens were heard.

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08.35: Kharkiv, video shock
The deadly bombing unleashed by the Russian Air Force has come under renewed attack in Kharkiv. Television images resumed on social media show a strong explosion after a missile or bomb exploded in a building identified by the Kyiv Independent newspaper as the seat of the regional government.

7.44: Attack in the center
The Financial Times reporter Max Seddon has published what appeared to be images of an attack by Russian bombs in the last few hours in the central square of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city.

6.55 am: Kersen is surrounded by Russian troops
Russian troops have arrived at the gates of the southern city of Kherson: the mayor confirmed this. The city is now completely surrounded by Moscow wards.

6.34: Ukraine: “We will receive 70 fighter jets from the European Union”
The Ukrainian Air Force has said it will receive 70 fighter jets. In detail, Bulgaria will supply 16 MiG-29 and 14 Su-25 units, Poland 28 MiG-29 units and Slovakia 12 MiG-29. Europe’s military support is becoming more and more entrenched

6.15 am: Ukrainian military base catches fire near Kiev
Military base attacked by Russian forces last night: The Guardian publishes a video with pictures of a fire on a road in the province – the site 25 km northeast of Kiev – fired from inside. Car. In the video, people in the car filming the scene wonder if anyone survived the attack, and comment that the site’s checkpoint was completely attacked.

4.55 am: Houses destroyed by Russian convoy
Maxar Technologies’ new satellite imagery shows convoys of Russian military vehicles over 60 kilometers from the gates of Kiev, and columns of smoke rising from burning houses along the way: CNN reports one of these images. . In short, it looks like the Russians are randomly firing at civilian targets. The picture, announced by an American broadcaster, shows two columns of white smoke coming from at least two destroyed houses a few meters northwest of the convoy’s road.

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3.22: “Volunteers for Ukraine”, operation of the former Special Forces
A retired British Special Forces team went to Ukraine and offered to “support the country’s security.” It was republished in the Mirror newspaper quoted by Russia’s leading news agency Rhea Novosti. The volunteers are “highly skilled snipers experienced in the use of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.” According to the Mirror, “former paratroopers” and “other UK military experts” may also join Ukrainian Special Forces. But according to the Telegraph newspaper, today the British army will officially announce that soldiers who are not allowed to go to Ukraine “whether they are licensed or not.” Has been suspended due to fears that the conflict could escalate.

2.01: 60 km convoy of Russian troops heading towards Kiev
The convoy of Russian military vehicles on the outskirts of Kiev is more than 40 miles or 60 kilometers long, all according to Maxar Technologies’ new satellite imagery. CNN News has published. The military column was made up of armored vehicles, tanks, artillery pieces and other logistics vehicles. The convoy extends north from Antonov Airport, north of Pribirsk.

0.43 am: At least 406 civilians are killed in Ukraine
The figures were provided by Martin Griffiths, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, citing numbers from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Griffiths arrived at the UN via video conference from Geneva. Addressing the Security Council, he said “the actual number of civilians may be significantly higher as many casualties have not yet been confirmed.”

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