“I have never seen so many people die, and the horror is not over” – Corriere.it

Off Irene Chow

“There will be many more puccas.” Rodrigo Abd of the AP was the first photographer to document war crimes: “Prisoners in the cellar for a month, among the corpses of their loved ones”

One leg still pierces from the pile of five charred bodies. A dog approaches his owner who was killed in the yard. A woman carries her cat in her arms and steps on the bodies of her brother and husband. A corpse was found in a basement with his hands behind his back. A foundation full of bodies, no one alive. What Rodrigo Abdul45, photojournalist Associated PressHe looked at Pucha and says it in the headlines with his photos for the use of the editorial staff. His shots, Together with his colleague Vadim Girta, who first entered with Pucha, they represented a point of no return to Western public opinion: they documented mass graves, brief executions of civilians, and mines abandoned everywhere by the retreating Russian army. Abd has been a war photojournalist for “more than twenty years” and was part of the Andhra team that won the Pulitzer Prize for photos from Syria in 2013. “I was also in Afghanistan. Before that, for many years, I documented the executions of criminal gangs in Guatemala and Mexico. Photography of violence and death. Many died together, however, I never saw them.

What story does the public tell you?

“It’s terrifying. Everyone who is alive now lives in solitary confinement or imprisonment for a month. They all want to talk, they want to tell stories, they want to talk to everyone in the street, one cries like a fountain. Visited: Today they cooked outside, for those who were there, they said they were in the cellar without electricity or water.There are many wineries that have not opened yet, the more we open, the more, I have a feeling, we will see horrors. There are many more mass graves.Many Buchas.

Where, in your opinion?

“If we can ever get into Mariupol, if it is abandoned by the Russians, who knows what we will see. Kharkiv, Mykolive. We will see everything when the Russians are gone. This is a huge thing.”

His photos pierce the stomach. What are the rules?

“My job is not only to inform you, but also to create a history archive of a war, to document it, and for the future. A subtle balance. Atrocities must be told.

In the media, behind the scenes of social media, the debate over whether to post such bitter photos continues.

“Only real or imaginary relatives of the victim are the only civilians I control. I come from a very violent country like Guatemala. Every day I take photos of victims and scenes of urban violence and murders of organized crime. Could it be insulting? If the answer is yes, I try not to take that picture.The people involved in the events I am documenting already have very scary lives.

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What about his sensitivity? How do you feel at the end of a working day in Pucha?

“Ehh. Bad. I’m having trouble sleeping, I’ll have a bottle of vodka in bed. I need to drink a little, and then I’ll be able to sleep.

What does it smell like?

“Disgusting. I was walking with a friend in Irbine. They told me not to go that way. There’s a corpse in the middle of the road. I did not notice. That smell penetrated my nostrils. It does not go away. It always makes you anxious.You walk through the dead all day.It’s very sad.I have already experienced a scent in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Syria, Afghanistan but you never learn to forget it.You try to be technical, you find yourself useless If paralyzed, you can stay at home.My technique is to focus consistently and strongly and contribute to history and the future but I have to get up in the morning and go back to Pucha.The corpse of a 74-year-old woman, her brother and her husband Today I saw what I had been waiting for all day in the middle of nowhere. She stays there for hours in the middle of that scent.

Six journalists have already been killed in the war.

“Yes, but the Russians have gone to where I am. We are safe.”

Spreading his photos in Russia is banned. Except for defining them as “lying”.

“Really? Incredible. I know.”

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