Identifies the first case of monkey flu in Italy and establishes IS task force – Kronaka

Has been The first case of monkey flu in Italy was identified at the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. He was the one who came back from the stay Canary Islands Presented himself to Umberto I’s emergency room. “The ISS has set up a task force of industry experts He contacted the Sentinel Networks of Centers for Sexually Transmitted Infections to monitor the national situation. “It simply came to our notice then.“The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring the cases In Italy monkey fever is reported It has warned the regions to monitor some and any cases at this time. The Institute of Higher Health (ISS) has set up a task force to better monitor the evolution of the situation. At present there is no dangerous situation in our country, the picture is under control “. So to ANSA Anna Teresa Palamara, head of the ISS’s Department of Infectious Diseases. “

We pay close attention to our European and National Surveillance Network. This was announced by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza For the G7 Ministerial Meeting in Berlin. “Here in Berlin G7 I spoke informally with Commissioner Stella Kriakits and other ministers about this,” concluded Speranza, underlining that “Ecdc and Hera will be involved.”

Medical structure – Spallanzani explains that “the clinical picture is characteristic and quickly identified by genetic sequencing from monkey box virus molecular techniques and skin lesion specimens.” The person continues to be hospitalized, “currently admitted to the hospital in isolation under reasonable general conditions” and “epidemiological studies and contact tracking are ongoing”. “Two more suspicious cases ” Doctors at Spallanjani Hospital are investigating the monkey fever. This was announced by the hospital and underlined. “Three cases were observed during this time and other cases in other European countries and North America showed no clinical signs of severity.

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The spread of the virus – Transmission, “can occur through saliva droplets and ulcers or contact with infected biological fluids,” says Spallanzani. World Health Organization (WHO)WHO) “Keep a close eye on the rapidly changing situation”. This has been reported by the WHO in cases of monkey flu cases in Great Britain, Spain and the United States since early May. Currently, the WHO “does not recommend any restrictions on travel and trade with the UK based on the information available at this time”. Even health officials Massachusetts The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said it is monitoring the spread of this rare but serious viral disease, and a recent visit to Canada confirmed the presence of a monkey box.

23 suspected monkey flu victims have been analyzed Madrid: This can be seen from the press release of the Madrid Regional Health Department. Monkey, monkey is a “very rare” disease that usually causes “fever, myalgia, lymph nodes (swollen glands) and rashes on the hands and face like chickenpox”.

The health of suspicious patients develops “favorably”. Although it is necessary to keep them “under surveillance” for the possibility of someone being admitted to the hospital, health officials say. In general, the report further states that “its spread occurs through the respiratory tract”, but, due to the characteristics of the 23 cases analyzed, it is suspected that “possible infection may have occurred by contact with mucous membranes during intercourse”. “.

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