“Increase is the continuation of the war to the bitter end” in Tempo

“An increase in arms is a continuation of the war for a bitter end.” Professor. Luciano Conforra In connection with Broadcast, Saturday, April 30, illustrates how weapons have already been sent to Ukraine for some time. “NATO’s massive weaponry has been going on since 2015,” explains the historian who interviewed the conductors. La7 David Barrenso and Consita de Gregorio. “I do not want to acknowledge the fact that we are slowly slipping into a confrontation – condemns Conforra – so it seems to me that a definite imperative must end the war soon.” He also uses a Latin quote: “Dulce bellum inexpertis Or War is sweet for those who do not enjoy it“.

“In this context, is it not right to continue to arm the Ukrainian military to defend against Putin’s aggression?” Poreč asks, “I think you have already said that an increase in arms means that the war will continue until the bitter end”, the historian repeats. “It goes without saying that they are giving themselves through intermediaries – the professor blames the geopolitical expert Carassiolo – this is a proxy war. We have seen others in history – as he recalled – in the war the Chinese came en masse. And it’s a problem of problems, “he said.

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