India is blocking exports due to rising prices

War-induced wheat crisis in Ukraine –

Ukraine and Russia account for one-third of world wheat and barley exports. In the aftermath of the February 24 invasion of Moscow, Ukrainian ports were blocked and civilian infrastructure and grain pits destroyed. It is estimated that the price of cereals has increased by about 40% since the beginning of this year.

Decision of the Government of India –

India has also come out in response to decisions already taken by other countries, including “global wheat price hikes, endangering the food security of India and neighboring and vulnerable countries.” The country produces more wheat, but has set a target of exporting 10 million tonnes of wheat by 2022-23. Most of this will go to developing countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. Therefore, it is the idea of ​​the Government of India to prevent wheat from going to countries where it is irregularly stockpiled or vulnerable to the food needs of vulnerable countries, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement.

Foreign Minister Germany: “Russia has unleashed the wheat war” –

According to German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach, “Russia has deliberately started a grain war, supply is unaffordable and prices are rising. With the risk of famine, this is not a deliberate tactic.

Proposal: “Take Ukrainian wheat by train to Baltic ports” –

Minister Barbak later explained that the possibility of transporting Ukrainian wheat by rail to the Baltic ports was being explored to avoid a Russian blockade on shipments. “Problems with different train widths have ruled out large-scale transportation via Romania, so it is now being considered whether it is possible to get the train to the Baltic ports for export. By rail, it is clear what you are getting. Most of them pass through Romania, but since there are different trains to Ukraine and Romania, they have created a bottleneck.

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Goldiretti: Rice prices + 21% –

Goldretti also raised the alarm, reporting a significant problem with rice prices: “It is flying internationally, where war between Russia recorded a 21% increase in grain exports last year due to a decline. After India, Ukraine also blocked grain exports by 2022. The non-existent record will reach nearly 521 million tonnes in 2022, which is 9 million more than the previous year.

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