Inps: 50.3 million sick hours in January due to Govt (-42%)

Gully, we see obvious relief from the disease

“From an epidemiological point of view, it is clear that we are on a positive trajectory, and we are in a moment of obvious relief from the disease. The main thing is to find a way to avoid getting into difficult situations again in the fall. I like the reality you learn from the lessons I have learned.” Massimo Gully, a professor of epidemiology at State University, says of the progression of the Govt epidemic in Italy: “Once a resolution is reached, we tend to give up everything. As for, he observes: “I want to get an explanation, and I can only promote it thinking that ours is a very ancient country. Suffered from this last great wave, there were many elderly people, often unfortunately not vaccinated, which justifies the tendency towards the evolution of the disease towards bad results. “It will be interesting to know how many of these deaths were caused by omigran,” the expert says. Knowing that, in fact, “helps us to better understand how to control ourselves against this variation, which, as we know, is responsible for less serious events. But if there are multiple infections, the number of serious cases will increase by a percentage. “

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