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According to the former US Secretary of State, there are three Henry KissingerPossible effects War in Ukraine. He explained in an interview with the British weekly magazine ViewerThe first possibility is that Russia “Capture 20% Of Ukraine “, or most Donbass E “a piece of land Black Sea“It will be a victory for Moscow, at the same time.” Was born It’s not as decisive as it used to be. “

The second possible outcome “attempt Drive out Russia From territories acquired before this war, incl Crimea“But in this case a Extension of war Against Russia. The third way is to return to the “pre-stage” stage of the invasion. The case heralds Ukraine’s restructuring, “if closely aligned with NATO, if not part of the alliance”, and will represent a “substantial decision” after the entry strengthens Sweden And Finland.

Kissinger’s rationality sheds some light on what led to the historic turning point Strategic feedback, NATO report, for the first time including Russia and China as enemies of world security. “Russia is a direct threat and China is a legitimate challenge,” the US president effectively summed up the picture Joe Biden, In fact, the mastermind behind NATO’s tightening of Moscow and Beijing. Looking at the Kremlin’s harsh comments, it seems irreversible at this point: “We are moving towards one. New Iron Curtain In Europe – he predicted Sergei LavrovThe most powerful Russian foreign minister – has already begun “.

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