Is Putin at risk of civil war? Chechen Rebellion Warns Russia

Rebels Chechens are preparing to open another front against Russians. A new civil war could break out in the Caucasus, where separatists want to take advantage of Moscow’s difficulty in diverting troops. From Ukraine.

there Russia It has already been involved in two wars in Chechnya in the 1990s and early 2000s. Wars include i Separatists After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Muslims sought independence. In the end Ramzan got the upper hand Kadyrov, the current pro-Russian leader of the Chechen Republic and a staunch Putin loyalist. In fact, Chechen militias joined troops from Moscow in the invasion of Ukraine. But Chechen rebels have deployed their battalions in Ukraine alongside Kiev’s army. One of these was the Mansur Battalion, whose spokesman announced that it would resume fighting against the Russians in Chechnya as well. “Russia will fall,” he said. In a video posted on social media, the Daily Express reported that the separatists have launched new threats against Putin and Kadyrov: “Our fathers and mothers were killed by Russian federalists. The resistance movement will begin today. We call on all free people to protest at all levels. We refuse to live under the banner of occupation.

Russia, demoralized soldiers: “Really? We’re losing ». And the maps used are from 1969

US intelligence: Chechen rebels may exploit war

Rebecca Koffler, a US intelligence expert, told Fox News: “The possibility that Chechen rebels will take advantage of the presence of Russian forces in Ukraine to assert their independence is plausible. Even if they fail to carry out their threats, they will convince Putin that they are at risk of leaving his forces in Ukraine, giving Kiev the opportunity to launch a counteroffensive.” Meanwhile, Kadyrov armed Putin with an anti-aircraft defense system in the mountains of the Caucasus region and a tank base in Shali. “Russia needs strategic military solutions” given the current geopolitical climate, Kadyrov said. Organizations are more necessary than ever,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. He also christened the new Northern Akhmat Brigade (named after his father Akhmat Kadyrov). It is headed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and is made up of “militants experienced in operations in Syria and Ukraine.” The regiment will join East Aghmat, West Aghmat and South Aghmat.

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