Is this fish wrong?

In 2004, a team of archaeologists discovered the first fossils of a fish called Dictolic, which lived 375 million years ago and were considered one of the first animals to make landforms (including us). Within a few years he became famous through a series of memes on the internet.

More or less humorously, depending on the case, many of the memes circulating online do not condone the diktat, making possible the subsequent evolutions that led to the world we know today, for the sake of reaching exposed lands. The origin of the vast waters that covered the earth is paradoxically pointed out as the spark that brought the pain of human existence millions of years later, summarizing a great deal of responsibility for the problems of the contemporary life of the people. Rent for work. The story of the fish and its memories Recently stated From New York Times.

Part of the success of Tiktalik memes undoubtedly stems from the map that illustrated the discovery a few years ago. It was created in 2006 by designer Gina Teretsky on behalf of the National Science Foundation (NSF), a U.S. government agency that promotes and supports basic research in fields related to medicine. Was for Teretsky Drawn below A model of the Dictolic, using four-legged vertebrae, the classic paddles of fish and the cross-legged limbs between the legs of tetrapods, leaves the water for grounding. On that map, the brave fish seemed to point to a smile, as if realizing the evolution of those first steps out of the water.

Gina Teretsky (National Science Foundation)

With the news about the fossil discovery, the design was chosen to illustrate many newspaper articles and news reports, especially as it became popular online. Teretsky’s chart was later incorporated into several school textbooks, an example of an intermediate (i.e., passing) pattern between fish and the later Tenovian early tetrabots, the fourth of six periods that Paleozoic routinely separated.

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Fossils of a dozen dictolithic specimens have been found in Nunavut above Canada’s Arctic Circle. The research team will then describe the findings Two Education Published in Science Journal in 2006 Natural, Approached a group of Inuit adults in the area to involve them in choosing a name to call the newly discovered fish. It is suggested to use the word tiktalik, which is used to describe BurbotFish that live in shallow water.

Unlike other fossils, Dictolic’s legs were very early, but the discovery was widely re-launched as it clearly showed the presence of legs that could indicate the transition from aquatic organisms to land. In the following years, the discovery of other fossils helped to gain a clearer idea of ​​the animal’s characteristics. Studies have made possible the anatomical reconstruction of Dictolic and used four legs to get out of the water without crawling as much on the ground as other animals of the time when he began to explore the land. For a while, before returning to the water.

Image courtesy of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium

There were flippers on the front as well Asymmetric Also it allowed Tiktaalik to slide them, perhaps managing this way and moving better on the ground. These fish came out of the shallow water where they lived, archaeologists say, but we still do not know exactly what prompted them to do so. As shown on Teretsky’s map, they did not leave the water entirely, but remained coastal.

In the late Tenovian, the climate in many parts of the earth was temperate and life in the great waters was very refreshing. This was the period when different types of vertebrates began to emerge from the water, and evolution favored models that gradually developed locomotion systems most suitable for moving on the ground. The first species moved in a fun and characteristic way from an element that had been haunted for millions of years, making life possible.

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Like other fish Pantherictis rhombolipis They are thought to be intermediate forms between fish and waterfalls, but today dictator seems to be one of the best candidates for a return to the first ancestor of most of the extinct and still extant tetrabots, including humans. In the future, the discovery of younger specimens than previously discovered may provide new details about dictolic, how they lived, and their ability to undergo metamorphosis into many waterfalls. However, fossils of young specimens are more difficult to find because their bones are not fully formed.

According to the site Know your memeIt tracks memes and their progress over time, making it one of the earliest applications of the dictatorial chart. Goes back A dozen years after its release. Used on Reddit in mid-December 2018 for humorous content about the tendency for tetrapods to exploit multiple land resources as soon as possible.

Earth: Come here

The design was then taken up by several users, who created other memes, always maintaining the same layout. It has been paradoxically pointed out that Tiktalik is responsible for most of the mistakes that happen in the world today because he dared to seize the land with his backbone.

This donkey of fish decided to get out of the water one day and now I have to go to work and pay the rent

I would have stayed with my ass in primitive soup if I had known the days were coming.

In Denovian, the earth was very different from what we know today. The lands that appeared were part of Pangea, which began to divide into smaller continents 180 million years ago, leading to the present situation with oceans and large land masses.

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Of course, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The combination of opportunities and circumstances, now favorable, now unfavorable, drives most of evolution, and all problems will be solved by returning the dichotomy. There is still a lot to be said about the animals that first began to move on land, but today the presence of memes is certainly thanks to them.

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