Japan, liberate the Empress of Terror. Twenty years later, Pusako Shigenobu was released from prison

She was arrested in 2000 in her hometown after living abroad for 30 years and returning illegally. Fusako Shikenobu, FounderJapanese Red Army The JR movement, which sowed the seeds of terrorism in the 1970s and 1980s in the name of the Palestinian problem, was released today after serving 20 years in prison in Japan. The 76-year-old, once nicknamed the Red Queen or the Terrorist Empress, announced in 2001 that the JRA had been dissolved from her room.

Shigenobu left in a black car with his daughter from a prison in Tokyo. About thirty of his supporters gathered with the banner ‘We Love Fusako’, as well as a hundred journalists. “It’s half a century ago, but our struggle, including hostages, It caused suffering to innocent peopleShigenobu said a few minutes later. “I apologize for that,” he said. This far-left figure who supported the world revolution through armed struggle was sentenced in 2006 to 20 years in prison in Japan. Hostages at the French Embassy in the Netherlands in 1974, Lasts a hundred hours. Several police officers were injured and France was forced to release the JRA member.

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