Kanye Raps about family, wanting to buy a home for ‘Fresh Prince’ on Pusha’s album

Pusha-T‘s semi dry The planet has now been honored with its existence, giving fans exactly what they’ve been craving since the 2018 release Daytona.

In addition to contributing half of the artist’s 12-track album production Previously known as Kanye West He also appears as a guest pair on the tracks “Dreamin of the Past” and “Rock N Roll” respectively. The latter, as previously reported, was said by a distinguished fellow collaborator Judy Kid To celebrate “The Last Song”, fans will listen to it with Ye.

Lyrically, these features see Yi address diverse issues of the family. For example, “Dreamin of the Past”—which takes its title from John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” via a sample from Donny Hathaway’s version of the song—first includes a reflection from Ye about becoming a “minister” in President before moving on to The New Prince of Bel-Air A reference that concludes at the end with some family-centric ideas:

“I used to watch young prince And I pray the house was mine / I could have bought it but I don’t like the way the kitchen was designed”

“Born in the manger, a stranger’s son / When the father is not at home, the family is in danger”

“Rock N Roll” sees Yi revisit the topic, this time thinking briefly about not wanting to argue when taking his children:

“I didn’t come to take the kids to fight.”

From there, remember that you’re “over the edge” to the point of not knowing “whether I’m falling or flying.” As he refers to his late mother, Donda:

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“I love my mom but sometimes my dad was right / Take his hand, hold on with all your might”

Publicly, Ye remained silent after reporting this hanging from Instagram. In January, Yi reported Pete Davidson In the words of his collaboration with “Eazy” (which appeared later take photo subordinate SNL star in the track video). Davidson, of course, is currently associated with Kim kardashian.

yi’s latest album, Donda 2posted as a file stem player Exclusively in February. Pusha-T’s semi dry It is out now and so are the features Jay ZAnd Lil Uzi Vert, and more. Listen here.

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