Kerlin, King of Indigenous Rights to “Forbidden” Marriages, Death Threats and Perfumes –

From Stefano Montefiori

The 85-year-old (and unhealthy) son of a former patron of the Parisian Maison accuses the siege accomplice

From our correspondent
In one of the most bizarre and dramatic moments of a judicial battle that has lasted for years, Jean-Paul Kerlin, 85, the chairman of the Versailles Court of Appeals, is weak and not very clear: “Mr. Kerlin, do you want to get married?”. “Yes, I want to get married.” “Mr. Kerlin, how old are you?” “Yes, I want to get married.” “What’s the weather like today, Mr. Kerlin?” “I want to get married”. Instead, the judge relied on an earlier written notice prepared by his son, in which Kurline denied the marriage.

So the wedding is not celebrated yet, which annoys the companion of the best perfume, Danish Christina Croke Michelson, 64, was at war with her contemporary Stephen Kerline.. Stephen, the only child and last representative of the dynasty, has the legal protection of a patriot and opposes marriage with all his might, accusing the woman of leading his life.Father suffering from Alzheimer’s disease For the sole purpose of seizing at least part of the family property worth about three billion euros.

The meeting between the Danish woman and the creator of the 43 best perfumes (from Weedyver to Hobbit Rouge, from Chamotte to Samsara) took place during a riding competition in 2005.. There was a difference of more than twenty years between Christina and Jean Paul, but they shared an interest in horses And perfume, heir House Created in 1828, he accepted the woman’s proposal: he would welcome his horses to the large garden “La Valley” near the Rompolet Forest, not far from Paris.

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That is the first step. Soon, after the horses, Christina came too Crack Michelson, the first organization of one Addiction Then welcomed into the main apartment.

As Curline’s difficulties increased, his dependence on his partner deepened. On October 15, 2010, Jean-Paul Kerline was invited to appear on the “France 2” public service at 1 p.m., to talk about samsara perfume. Know how to live To the French, he willingly gave himself to the interview game, but it fell cold when Kurline told him with an innocent smile that he wanted to create that perfume in the studio. “Once I went to work like a net. I do not know if the Nigers have ever worked hard, but well … “. Attempting racism and being fined 6,000 euros, Curline apologized countless times for that “nonsense” but lost the relationship of cooperation that still bound him. House The family was purchased by the LVMH Group in 1994.

Since then, the quarrel between Christina and her son Stephen, a lawyer, of progressive descent in depression, has intensified. The complaints are innumerable. He alleges that without medical treatment and daily assistance, Jean-Paul fired long-term staff to create a vacuum around Kerline and that he thought only of heredity. He dragged her to court claiming he had tried to hit her in the car, and brought a tape last Monday in which Stephen yells at her. Death threats and insults, the most subtle of which is “kept prostitute”. A Versailles court ruling on the investment attempt is expected in the coming weeks.

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