Kickboxing champion and corona virus denier die of Govt-19 – Video

Frederick Cinestra is known as “The Undertaker” Strong man A Belgian from the heavyweight division, he died following complications from Covit-19. According to the media, leftists a Denier Of Corona virus e Denied To pronounce the name of the disease. His trainer, Osman Yigin, said he was forced to go to the hospital after a positive test for what Sinistra called a “small virus”. Sinistra was registered from the intensive care unit where he was admitted to the hospital Instagram Photo showing him inhaling. In another case his wife was released after his death Denied Her husband had died of Govt-19, and Sinistra argued that what had happened to her in support of the vaccine would never be allowed.

Photo of Fred Sinistra was taken from his profile Instagram

Second And the media Walloons Sinistra believed that his relatively young age would provide him with adequate protection. At the end of November he fell ill and was admitted to CHU Hospital in Liege, which canceled a meeting scheduled for December 4 in France. He then informed his followers that his health was deteriorating and promised that he would be stronger than ever in the ring. He was later discharged from the hospital on the advice of doctors, who sought treatment at home, where he was placed in an oxygen tank. Until she died, she came in for respiratory problems.

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