Kiev: “We sank Putin’s marching ship”

This video is from before May 8th But more details have emerged in the last few hours. In particular, “Parade Ship” appears to have been used Vladimir Putin Was attacked on and disabled Black Sea. Once again there would have been water around the Operation Theater.Snakes only.

Video of the Ukrainian Navy

Kiev’s armed forces released a video Sunday showing a drone attacking a naval vehicle. On the Facebook page of the Ukrainian NavyThe date indicated is precisely May 8th.

In the pictures we first see a ship in the cross chair of an unmanned aircraft, and then, at least a bomb struck. The Missile Without being unloaded from the drone it caught the bull’s eye. In a few seconds the ship may have caught fire and been severely damaged. “Island of Snakes – reads the title of the page of the Ukrainian Navy – now the point where Russian racists do not return”.

Affected vehicle a Raptor. A patrol boat of the same type where the two collided a few days ago, again in the water a short distance from Snake Island. One of the most famous episodes of the conflict took place in the first hours of the war on the island, in which the Ukrainian garrison blatantly refused to surrender to the orders of Russian ships.

The video released on Sunday is less than a minute long and shows the test that struck the raptor. Like the style of other videos of the Ukrainian Navy, there is also background music with very important stages in this regard. In addition, references to drones will appear Pyrect TB2, A Turkish drone owned by the Kiev Air Force. The attack on the Russian patrol boat would have started from one of these drones.

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“Putin’s ship struck”

A few days later, more details about the raid came out. Testimony by Daily MailOn the Telegram Channel Ukraine now The victim was reported to have used the raptor traditionally Vladimir Putin.

“We have information that one of the wreckage boats destroyed in the Snake Island area is Putin’s parade boat – it says – the ship is distinguished by the white color of its surface.

“On the board – the announcement written on the aforementioned telegram channel continues – Russian dictator Vladimir Putin held several military parades in St. Petersburg and Sevastopol”. In other words, it will be Putin’s vehicle for inspecting other ships, reviewing Russian naval vehicles and delivering sacred speeches.

The Daily Mail stressed that the inattention at this time is only from Ukrainian sources, so it is difficult to understand its veracity until other confirmations come from other actors involved. Everyone from Moscow is quiet. If confirmed, the news would be sensational: Russia would have lost another important ship in the Black Sea Fleet, and the ship used by the Russian president for most sacred ceremonies.

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