Kovid has surpassed 1 million in a single day in the United States. France, Parliament suspends bill on Super Green Pass

The United States They were amazed at what was new Different Omigron Of Corona virus The country has witnessed a high number of infections reported in the last few hours since the outbreak. More than 1 million cases Sign in. Unprecedented increase, especially in some states Florida, Gathering during the holidays. In France, Meanwhile, suddenly Stop examining the bill What to introduce Vaccine pass, Consider Super green bass After a majority of Italian delegates refused to continue the debate after midnight, the chairman of the session reckoned.

In four days, the total number of infections In the states Has doubled. On the other hand, they are 4 times higher than the data a week ago. In Florida, the US state with the lowest restrictions, there are cases 948% growth in two weeks. You can know that it is contagious Johns Hopkins University, As many Americans now rely on DIY Covid tests, which can be underestimated as having a higher degree of error than molecules.

With skyrocketing numbers in Europe as well, all countries are imposing new measures and devising new strategies to avoid putting the national health system in crisis. However, the French administration’s desire to introduce a new national green permit clashed with parliamentary delays. It is now the turn of the convention of parliamentary committee chairs to put the rest of the speech on the agenda of parliament, but the unexpected suspension will pave the way for a firm adoption of the new anti-Govt action.

Meanwhile, a government spokesman said that to avoid further difficulties for health workers, Gabriel Attle, Announced that despite the closure of their children due to the Govt-19 infection, their children could continue to attend class: “We plan to welcome children everywhere in France. Children of health workers – He said microphones France Inter “So parents can continue to work,” he explained. An accurate list of eligible categories will be announced later in the day. Upon return from vacation, elementary classes are subjected to a new health protocol, which, among others, provides that “depending on the circumstances, for example, a class may be closed” starting from 3 Govt cases. The highest number of cases “. With this rule, it is also mandatory to subject students to three swaps in 4 days if the classroom is positive.

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In Germany Govt cases are on the rise again. In the last 24 hours, they recorded 30,561 new infections e 356 people have died. ‘S data Robert Koch Company Report aWeekly event The sixth consecutive daily bulletin stands today growing 239.9 cases per 100 thousand population. However, the numbers are much lower than the 432.2 cases a month ago. However, the record of new cases Australia, More than 47 thousand infections were counted on the last day.

Gives Israel, Coordinator of the struggle against Govt., Prof Saman circa, He said the country was not aiming “Herd immunity. We do not want everyone to be infected, God forbid. Here’s a new virus, which we do not know enough about. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So, it is better for all of us to go and get vaccinated and it is better to protect ourselves by wearing masks.

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