“Kremlin ignored”: move to cross Putin’s wall

The Volume Western social channels in Russia are easily ignored by young people thanks to the Vpn, which is a virtual private network used to guarantee privacy and anonymity. In this way, news from abroad will continue to reach Russian cities.

Shortly after the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, because social networks like Facebook And as Instagram sent hateful messages against the Moscow government and the Russian military involved in the conflict, Vladimir Putin, the leader of the coalition, took a tough decision to block access to the channels.

We urge the authorities to take action to stop the extremist activities of Meta and bring those responsible to justice.“, Tweeted the Russian embassy in Washington.”There The politics of aggression And the culprit of the meta, which incites hatred and animosity towards the Russians, causes our anger.“, The embassy continued,”Media companies have become soldiers of the propaganda machine of the ruling classes of the West“.

So the main social websites used by the younger generation are blocked. However, this did not prevent Russian boys from continuing to access the channels VPN, And also get news from the West. All of this is possible because it was explained Cnn From the editor of the Russian independent newspaper TV Rain Ekaterina Kodrykotsev, the boys are now “One step forward‚ÄúCompared to the Moscow government, some walls can be easily overcome.

By getting information from the outside, many of these Young They will then fight their president on the streets of major cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. “It is important to understand that the new generation in the Russian Federation is more technologically advanced than Vladimir Putin and his team.”Ekaterina Kotrikadze added. “They know how to stay one step ahead of the regime, which is why they keep getting information. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: these social networks are actually banned in Russia, but people still use VPN.”

The families of these young people want different talk, instead wanting to get information from the Russian news and firmly believe that their country is taking action to destroy Ukraine. Completely opposite opinion compared to the opinion of some comrades who surf the web and trust the information comingWest They descend into squares to emerge.

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They do not show destroyed cities“Ekaterina attacked Kodrykotsev, referring to the Russian government.”They want 100 million people in Russia to believe the fake news, thanking the Ukrainians for their release. Now these stories have become ridiculous“, He concluded.

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