Latest news from Ukraine. The Kremlin and Moscow are not interested in cutting off gas in Europe

Himars weapon of change, Kiev wants more, but the US has taken center stage

The arrival in Ukraine of the first US-supplied Himars, sophisticated mobile multiple rocket launchers, has already changed the game on the battlefield. But Kiev wants at least a hundred with long-range munitions, such as Atacms (military tactical missile systems), which can hit targets up to 300 km away. There are those who warn that Washington is now in a position to defeat a Russian invasion. For now, with the four new ones announced on Friday, we’re at a total of 16 Himars. Three similar systems have been promised by London and Berlin. With these weapons, Ukrainians have already destroyed Russian ammunition depots. And the results were immediately visible. Russian bombings are “ten times less” than before, said Bodan Dmitruk, battalion commander of the Ukrainian army’s 93rd mechanized brigade, and now the average number of soldiers with head injuries is one a week, compared to two-three the day before Himars. The Russians have been forced to move the deposits on their territory from the Himars, a distance of 80 km. In addition to being accurate in hitting targets, Himars move very quickly and are difficult to detect. Despite Moscow’s claims to the contrary, Ukrainians say the Russians have failed to destroy a single one.

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