Legislative elections in France, face-to-face between M மெlenchon and governors: Macron’s majority uncertain. This is a registration exception

The game is still open Emmanuel Macron The way to get an absolute majorityAssembly National It goes upwards. In an atmosphere Record did not vote (over 50%) And complete disappointment over the political forces, the united left Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon The first attempt is successful: create Possibility The shoulder to the alliance that supports the president. As stated in it Poll In fact, in the first round of the legislative elections there will be a head-on clash between the left-wing coalitions. News (26.8%) And opponents Group! (25%). However, the second round, which takes place next Sunday, will not be short-lived: according to predictions from the French media, the Macronist majority will be present with a gap. 270 and 310 seatsMலlenchon and his followers must be satisfied 170-220 seats. But, the parties repeated, nothing has been decided and the vote to determine the final winners will be only next Sunday. Legislative elections in France are determined by a double-round majority system of single-member constituencies: whoever violates the absolute majority of the votes cast shall be elected immediately. (50% +1) And who is the recipient 12.5 percent Consent of the owner. So, from now until Sunday, June 19th, anything can happen.

Macron, who was re-confirmed as president a month ago, needs to get a majority to act in his favor. Now it is impossible to point it out 341 seats in the last order, Confidence in the ballot. But it is no coincidence that minutes after the polls closed, the head of state said he had asked his followers to do the same. “Burial”: Taking success as an end in itself, in such a strong instability environment, is the first step to losing everything. Meanwhile, a short while ago, instead of dictating the president’s defeat, Mலlenchon ran: “La Nouvelle union people are at the forefront,” he declared. “At the end of the first round, the presidential party is defeated. For the first time in the Fifth Republic, the newly elected president failed to win a majority in the legislative elections. And he made an appeal: “I urge people to come out next Sunday“.

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Of course, one of the inescapable signals was abstention: especially for Mலlenchon, it was necessary to get as many young voters as possible to go and vote, but according to the final figures, the expected mobilization was not c ‘. According to estimates, the number of French voters who do not go to the polls today is volatile Between 52.1% and 52.8%. Voting stopped at 5 p.m. 39.42%1.33 points lower than 2017.

An important signal also came from candidates who have not been re-confirmed or re-confirmed. He won the first round, but the first minister will go to the polls Elizabeth Bourne: It often took the lead in the sixth volume Calvados And will face Kouch (Knobs) candidate in the second round. Pas-de-Calais also qualified in the eleventh volume Marine Le Pen. “I call on all voters to confirm their vote. The second round gives us the opportunity to send a large number of delegates to the Assembly, ”he said. When Knubs spoke about those challenges that candidates face in the ballot against Macronists, he openly stated that he would not vote for one or the other. Le Pen now hopes to form a parliamentary committee in the National Assembly. According to estimates, the National Federation It is available in 15 to 30 seats. Hard feet instead Eric ZemmerFormer far-right journalist and founder of the movement Get it back: Expelled in the first round in Var, the port of Saint-Tropez in the south of France. Zemmour already had a much lower result in the last presidential election than expected. Finally, as expected, the successor to the right-wing party of neo-colonialism loses its role as the first opposition group. RepublicansA score between 11.6% and 14% confirms the severe defeat of its presidential candidate, Valerie Picresse.

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Among those fired was the former education minister Jean-Michel BlankerThat’s it “Parachute” Loiret was in the fourth district and he could not even manage to get the vote. The clearest message for Macron: The second mandate promises to be more complex than the first, because the Left Opposition was able to re-integrate around one leader. Mலlenchon left, For the first time in years of reunification (Socialists-Greens-Communists-La France Inzmez), will now make life harder for macronists with higher goals and lower goals. It is hoped that with the result starting next Sunday, a greater number of people will be able to come to the polls.

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