Life sentence for torture of Syrian loyal to Assad: 4,000 prisoners tortured to death 58

He was one of the most ruthless torturers loyal to the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, Hell on earth, As Al-Qaeda prison, It’s his personal butcher shop. Former Syrian Colonel today Anwar Ruslan |The 58-year-old was sentenced by a German court to life in prison Crimes against humanity. This is the first investigation in the world into allegations of torture of Syrian government officials

Only between 2011 and 2012, in the first years of the revolution that shocked the country and the entire Arab world, is Ruslan estimated to be responsible. At least 4 thousand people were tortured, Political prisoners or suspected of being part of a network to overthrow the now fifty-year-old Assad regime. There are also allegations in his resume that he was a torturer 58 murders, Rapes e Sexual assaults.

His release ended in 2019 when he was arrested Germany A senior security service official under President Bashar al-Assad has been detained since 2011 on charges of directing operations in a Damascus prison, as well as several protesters and suspected members of the regime. His offense.

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