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The main news of the war in Ukraine, live broadcast on the twelfth day of the conflict. The ceasefire in Mariupol was violated for the second time. Eight civilians were killed by Russian troops as they were leaving Irbine. Kiev: “Russia is mobilizing troops to capture the capital in the next few days”. Putin-Macron conversation: French president’s concern over nuclear security. Kiev accuses Vinnitsia of destroying airport: Missiles fired from the Black Sea Zelensky: Russia prepares to bomb Odessa. Today is the third phase of negotiations.

Unhcr: 364 civilians have been killed since the war began. Anti-war protests in Russia: 4,357 people were arrested on Sunday. Refugee evacuation continues: More than a million Ukrainians have crossed the Polish border. After Visa and MasterCard, American Express blocks payment methods in Russia. Netflix discontinues service in Russia and stops TikTok streaming, Spotify premium discontinues.

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The attack on the Pentagon Falls by the Russians in Odessa was not immediate

Frisian horses in Odessa to prevent unloading of Russian tanks.

A senior Pentagon official said the United States had not yet noticed a waterfall attack on Odessa and did not assess it as “immediate”. In the past few hours, however, Russian troops have launched a missile attack targeting critical infrastructure near the village of Tusla in the province of Odessa.

During the war in Ukraine, actor and voice actor Pasha Lee died

Ukrainian actor and television presenter Pasha Lee died during the fighting in Irfin, On the outskirts of Kiev, on March 6, a checkpoint for the evacuation of civilians was targeted by Russian troops, who opened fire on civilians. Lee, a popular presenter on the Tom Channel, has been with Ukrainian forces since the first day of the war. He is 33 years old.

Shevchenko’s tearful appeal to Italy: “Help my people in Ukraine”

Andriy Shevchenko returned to talk about the dramatic situation in Ukraine. The host of ‘Che Tempo Se Fa’, a former footballer, made a heartfelt appeal to Italy: “Help my people, they need it.” “When I came to Italy, Italy opened my heart – the former AC Milan player recalled – you felt like one of you. I feel that Italy is my second home. I ask you: open your heart to my people, help women, children, the elderly, They need your help.In collaboration with the Italian Red Cross, Shevchenko organized a fundraiser It has already received donations of over 100 thousand euros.

Germany says there is no total embargo on Russia’s gas, oil and coal

Germany says there is no total embargo on Russia’s gas, oil and coal. German finance and foreign ministers have said they will oppose a ban on gas, oil and coal imports from Russia as part of new sanctions on the invasion of Ukraine. “It is important to have (obstacles) in the long run,” Ambassador Annalena Barbach told the ARD channel. “It would be useless to find out in three weeks that we only have electricity for a few days in Germany, so we have to go back to these restrictions.”

In Ukraine, a convoy of refugees was attacked in Irfin despite the humanitarian corridor

Images of an attack on a convoy of refugees in Irbine, which established a humanitarian route. Atrocities recorded by Sanchez Marino, an Argentine journalist traveling with Ukrainian refugees. At the same time as the attack on the Irfin humanitarian corridor, Chilean journalist George Side recorded the casualties among Ukrainian citizens. Irfin, a prosperous suburb of Kiev, has crumbled to the ground as a residential city with Russian progress and has become one of the hardest hit points in Russia’s war on Ukraine.

As for Britain, Russian progress within Ukraine was low over the weekend

Over the weekend, the British Defense Ministry said in its latest intelligence report that the ground advance of Russian forces into Ukraine was “probably very low”. The Guardian reports. “To date, Russia has not achieved much of its planned goals,” the statement continued. However, the ministry said that “high-level Russian airstrikes and artillery attacks” on military and civilian bases in Ukrainian cities have continued in the past 24 hours. , And they were especially heavy on Mariupol. “

Boris Johnson’s six-point plan to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a planDivided into six points, Putin must stop his military invasion of Ukraine. He presented it to the New York Times, explaining that leaders around the world need to form an international alliance of a humanitarian nature and strongly support Kiev in the country’s “security efforts.”

Trump promises Putin: Right-wing columnist: “If you occupy Ukraine, we will attack Moscow”

When Donald Trump He was President of the United States It is said to have threatened to attack Moscow in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. This was stated by Australian right-wing columnist Rita Panahi, who also spoke of a phone call last Thursday, March 3, between Trump and John Daley, a famous American golfer. During this conversation, the former US President is said to have mentioned the Russian President Vladimir Putin “Friend,” he explained, “getting along well with him.” He then told the Russian prime minister about the threat. “If you do (invasion of Ukraine) – Trump would have said – we will attack Moscow”.

He does not want to leave Kiev to take care of his dogs and dies under the bombs

A story of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Called Anastasiia Yalanskaya, She was killed in her car on the way to Pucha’s kennel Dogs that have been starving for three days should be fed. The girl along with two other colleagues in the car died instantly. He did not want to leave the capital to take care of the animals.

The UK has a direct telephone connection to Russia

UK Department of Defense There is a direct route to Moscow Tested every day. Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin told the British BBC Network’s microphones that it was being used precisely to meet with the Russian defense commander.

Russian chef Alyssa and her Ukrainian friend Olia are in the kitchen together to help war victims.

Russian chef Alyssa and her Ukrainian friend Olia have been living in London for many years and have developed a culinary endeavor together. Help the victims of war. Thus, following Cook for Syria, they decided to create a “cook for Ukraine” to raise awareness about the conflict and begin fundraising to help civilians affected by the war.

In Ukraine, blacks work to prevent tanks: “This is how we help protect our homes”

Stock image

Stock image

In Ukraine, the killers have also decided to contribute to the war: they have actually begun, according to the British newspaper “The Telegraph” Creating systems that can block Russian tanks. Two weeks ago, the “Workshop Art and Steel” Facebook page filled users with photos of helmets and armor made for sports and historical restorations. Now, as the war intensifies in Ukraine, the Forges have decided to build anti-tank systems to protect their homes.

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According to experts, the Russians are preparing for a new attack

Irbin, the northern hinterland of Kiev, where the Russians are concentrated

Irbin, the northern hinterland of Kiev, where the Russians are concentrated

The Russians are preparing a new attack: This should confirm that some British government officials and US experts from the Institute for War Research. Moreover, Russian forces are said to be attacking populated cities and infrastructure, creating an unbearable living environment for the population and destabilizing the Ukrainians. Strategy already used in Syria and Chechnya.

Zelensky: “Russia announces new bombings when world peace”

In a recent video released on Sunday evening, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky accused Russia of plotting a “deliberate assassination.” “Tomorrow Russia has officially announced the bombing of our territory. Our security complexes. Most of them were built in cities by the Soviet government decades ago. Now they are in the middle of a normal urban environment,” Zhelensky said. “Thousands of people work there. Hundreds of thousands of people live nearby. Said: This is murder. Deliberate murder “. “I do not hear any reaction from any world leader today. By any Western politician. There was no reaction to this announcement. Think of the invaders’ sense of impunity: they declare planned atrocities. How did it come about? “.

Protests in Russia against the war: Thousands have been arrested in more than 50 cities

New Anti-war demonstrations in Russia There are dozens of cities where thousands of people have said to listen to the silence on the streets. Despite Putin’s repressive laws, the public, journalists and activists wanted to express their opposition to the war: thousands would be arrested on Sunday alone. Last Friday, Putin ordered the media not to use the word “war” to refer to the conflict in Ukraine, but to use the word “special military action.”

Today’s March 7 news about the Ukraine-Russia war

Twelfth day of war in Ukraine. The third round of talks is expected to take place today. In Irbine, Russians fire on fleeing civilians: Eight killed. More bombing in the west and northwest of Kiev. In a conversation with Putin, Macron fears about nuclear security. UN: At least 364 civilians have been killed and 759 injured in Ukraine since February 24. Thousands have been arrested in Russia for fighting the war.

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