Look at the “mental” drone that kills Russian soldiers

The films are of concern only to the selected audio montage: if so, what is happening is not a cinematic film, but what is happening in the reality of the war in Donbass. A video crawling the internet e Posted on Twitter Show pictures ad Infrared A Drone Ukrainians throwing ammunition at Russian soldiers seeking refuge among trees and bushes, but precision struck them all over.

Consequences of an attack

The drone is believed to be a “DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced” drone used by Kiev’s 47th Battalion. This is nicknamed “mental illness” Images The presenters, who decide to watch the whole movie (almost a minute) with very strong images and are recommended for adult viewers, will pay attention to the usual color grades of infrared: purple or thick lower areas are referred to as “hot”. By the fields around the battlefield. In the middle you can see a kind of small road where the soldiers of Moscow travel: both are marked with a fiery red color, like a lava coming out of Edna. The size of the small and quiet drone does not allow it to hide in good time, and here are the most terrifying scenes that the operator magnifies: moments of explosions and helpless bodies on the ground.

What is DJI Mavic 2 Drone?

The size and characteristics of this drone make the enemy unaware of its presence: the video ends with two bombs being dropped on the lifeless bodies of some soldiers already. Imaginative images of three and a half months after the war, which began on February 27 last year, have reached an abundance. In this case, however, it was not one of the super drones that Western nations provided to Zelensky, but a means. Business Also available online for, 5,299. Possibly, this is a drone used only for TV movies, it is “harmless” but the Ukrainians have worked and attached it to a motor shell. For those who decide not to buy Enterprise Advance, but the basic model saves half, the proposed cost by a well-known company that sells technology products is 2,299 euros.

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Attack at any point

Meanwhile, The Conflict Continues with the Russians more and more determined to capture the last remaining fort. “The Russian military continues to carry out offensive operations in the eastern operating zone of Donbass and launch missile and air strikes on infrastructure.“, Said the daily report of the General Personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”Occupier – Reads the report – HArtillery fired at security forces positions along the border in the Sumi and Chernihiv regions. And conducted aerial intelligence by drones in the area of ​​the village of Seredina Puda in the Sumi region. A clash is taking place in the city of Kharkiv, where the Russian army is concentrating its massive efforts to prevent the Kiev army from advancing towards the state border.

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