Louis Ceni: The pirates said over and over they’d take me to #27, and they didn’t.

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It seems like every year a player gets out of the draft explaining that a team has claimed they’re going to base him in a certain spot and they haven’t.

This year, one of those players is Vikings Safety Lewis Cine. Via SI.com, Cine recently told Richard Sherman that an unnamed team holds the 27th overall pick (in another meaningpirates) over and over again that they’d take him if he was there.

It was. The Bucs didn’t take it.

“I had a 27-year-old team,” Sene said. “They know who they are. I won’t say any names. It was 27. The whole process – if you were there – we’d pick you. They move on to the first pick from the second round. I’m like, damn, they just did me so dirty. “

The pirates may have calculated that Cine would still be at number 33. But for the Vikings who took it at number 32, it would have been.

We had a few 27-year-olds to targetCoach Todd Bowles said on the second night of the draft. “Back to number 33, which was the first [pick] Today, we have one man left there. The others were off the board, so it wasn’t smart for us to step back and lose the guy we wanted.”

This is clearly inconsistent with the Cine dispute. But let’s be realistic. Bowles would never admit, even if he was 100 percent correct, that they wanted Cine, they swapped and gambled on the still-existing Cine, lost the gamble so they settled on the defensive end Logan Hall.

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