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The Congress Assault Commission may recommend criminal cases to the judiciary. News and Meetings

New York – LA House commission investigating an attack on Congress a year ago may ask the Justice Ministry to charge former President Donald Trump with a variety of criminal offenses. Conspiracy to disrupt the election result Less serious allegations, such as a direct ban on congressional action. This will happen if the collected evidence is not valued enough to support the biggest allegation. Write it in the newspaper

Based on information obtained from two anonymous commission sources.

Hopefully tightening

While not sure about the origin of these negligences, the news has its own relevance, although the Justice Minister, the prudent Merrick Garland, is not obliged to hear the allegations against Trump if he is urged by the Commission to do so. : It points to a tightening of the inquiry circle around the former president based on several elements that emerged during the parliamentary inquiry that began last July. Many of the messages delivered by former Trump cabinet leader Mark Meadows are particularly significant, Based on which the White House was able to rebuild its role in provoking the January 6 uprising, but the Ministry of Justice put pressure on state election officials critical of Biden’s victory and support. Mr. President, Mike Pence Prevents confirmation of results Referendum with the proclamation of a new democratic president.

Pressures on Benz

In early December the
Washington Post
The commission wrote that it was preparing to launch a criminal investigation into Trump’s actions. Detailed elements of the former president’s possible criminal behavior are now provided: including the pressure exerted by his lawyers, his collaborators and the conservative leader himself on all the officials who managed the steps of the process of securing the vote. TheAttempt to persuade Benz to change his ceremonial role as chairman of the Senate In a significant political role in blocking practices.

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Memories of the meadows

Almost a coup, at least in the opinion of the Democratic majority, in his recent memoir, Chief of the President, Meadows defends that those initiatives are simply trying to buy time to allow more thorough investigations into the conduct of the elections. His thesis, though now supported by the majority of the American right, did not stand up: two and a half months have passed since the referendum until Biden’s inauguration. All investigations carried out by Republican-led state officials And often they do not expose any abuses of any significance from Republican judges.

The meetings were convened by Rudy Giuliani

There are elements that directly link Trump to meetings with Rudy Giuliani at the Willard Hotel on January 6 with White House lawyers and collaborators trying to block the new president’s announcement. Finally it emerges Role of six Republican delegates Those on the far right of the Freedom Caucus, from Jim Jordan to Mo Brooks – behind the scenes – with brutal pressure on the judiciary – and those who acted on the platform of the rallies, speak out in favor of Trump to stop the process of securing the vote.

Donald’s phone call

However, this knot in politics and the judiciary: To prove Trump’s conspiracy or obstructive behavior, the popular phone call of 2 January 2021 was recorded. Secretary of State for Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, in which the then President asked him 11,780 votes: It is necessary to snatch the victory of the southern state from Biden. If the two indictments are not enough to push Trump off the political stage, there can be no Biden minister or a Democrat-only commission. Liz Cheney and Adam Kingsinger were able to do so to the dismay of Republicans who considered them traitors: only two conservative MPs who agreed to take part in the trial.

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