Marines break siege: “special operation” to change the war

Is constantly struggling in place Like Mariupol. This Tuesday marks the success of an operation that broke the siege of some groups in Kiev, as a result of the surrender of dozens of Ukrainian soldiers into the port city, following reports of a series of Russian developments in recent days. Marines.

According to the Ukrainian media, in particular, the operation of the 36th Regiment has allowed some departments to rejoin areas still under control. Azov Battalion. It is with the surroundings adjacent to the mills Azovstal, Located in the southern part of Mariupol. Here is actually the last pocket Resistance Russians and pro-Russian to the Ukrainians, including Separatists And Chechens, Advancing towards the city. The steel mills will provide Azov members with safe shelter for many more days.

This is because they are difficult to capture as there are bunkers and shelters within the structure. Also, the battalion’s fighters still have plenty of ammunition and supplies inside the steel mills.

Components for the Ukrainian Navy are no longer available, and are now technically in Russian hands on the reefs of other districts of Mariupol. Dozens of Kiev soldiers had to surrender between last week and yesterday.

273 people a few days ago, about a hundred people laid down their arms yesterday. Several videos released by the Russian media showed the military raising their hands towards the positions of the Moscow troops. Those who did not want to surrender wanted to escape the siege and join forces with the Azov battalion to try the last resort to establish themselves in the steel industry. A successful operation of the 36th Regiment of the Ukrainian Army, as noted.

No details were released by the Ukrainian media, which simply announced the success of the operation, so there is a possibility of strengthening the last pocket of resistance in the southern environs.

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However, one operation was considered successful and what happened in the last few hours cannot break the rule. War. Mariupol has been surrounded by Russians and pro-Russian people for weeks, and the Ukrainians in the city are far removed from the ranks of other Kiev soldiers in the southern region.

The entire Mariupol port area from Moscow yesterday secured control of the strategy. Marines and Azov members are unlikely to receive much reinforcement. Last night, news spread that the Russians were conducting raids with “suspicious weapons” in the area of ​​the mills. But there has been no confirmation for the past few hours.

As the war continues around the industrial plants, people will continue to experience the effects of the conflict. More than a million people are still trapped in the city without water, electricity and food shortages.

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