Massacre in Odessa on May 2, 2014, what happened? Allegations of Russia and Ukraine, words of fire and Putin

“We know who the culprits are and we will get them.” In February, when Putin Announced the start of special action in UkraineAccording to the Kremlin, those responsible for the massacre were also targeted Odessa, On May 2, 2014. Exactly eight years ago, nearly 50 people were killed in clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainians. As for Russia, Kiev is a massacre to be blamed. But those responsible have not yet been identified. Since then, relations between the two countries have been strained.

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What happened on May 2, 2014

One of the key moments that led to the war we see today is the passing of the code date. Pro-Russian President Yanukovych was recently ousted and Russia announced the annexation of Crimea, establishing a new government with a pro-European dimension instead of Ukraine. In Odessa that day, both pro-Moscow and pro-Kiev factions were expressing themselves, which later led to clashes between the fringes of violence, armed with sticks and axes.

The highlight of the day’s massacre took place around the House of Trade Unions, where pro-Russian activists fled the attacks. According to Moscow there was a real siege led by the neo-Nazi Azov groups who were the real culprits of the massacre. In reconstructing the facts, it was found that the fire bottles had been thrown from the outside, causing the fire. But the cause of the fire, then, led to the death of about 48 people (almost all pro-Russian). Both sides point fingers at each other. As for the Ukrainians, the fire accidentally started from inside the union headquarters, and the blame for the massacre fell on pro-Moscow protesters.

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Odessa today

Precisely for the special occasion, the focus on Odessa today was very high. In the city, “12 Russian saboteurs” were arrested who were “preparing to carry out attacks in the city.” Local officials explain that “a large quantity of weapons and ammunition were found during the search.” Their goal, according to regional officials, is to provoke the people of Odessa to revolt. In the evening, a Russian missile bombing resulted in deaths and injuries. According to Interfox Ukraine, a religious building was attacked.

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