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The situation in Donbass, the moves in Kiev and Moscow: what is happening in Ukraine? All the latest updates

“We are the shield of Europe, help us”: it The appeal was initiated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky February 19 evening (Here is all the news from yesterday) When G7 foreign ministers call on Putin to “withdraw its forces”, the United States warns: “Moscow could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time.” In Donbass – The separatist territory of Ukraine – The situation has deteriorated: at the same time i The public is being evicted, Both pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian forces are reporting violations of the ceasefire established there, which now seems more theoretical than real. According to Kiev, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed, four wounded and another wounded in battle. Yesterday, as tensions escalated in Ukraine, Moscow conducted a series of missile exercises: one Display of power Seems relevant Putin’s negotiation strategy. Here is ours Analysis of the underlying causes of the crisis; Below is the live broadcast with today’s news.

11.48 am Harris: “The place for diplomacy is over”

US Vice President Kamala Harris told a security conference in Munich that “we still believe that we can move on a diplomatic path to get out of the Ukrainian crisis, but the window to a diplomatic solution is shrinking.” “We are talking about a possible war in Europe and we will take some time to understand the meaning of what we are talking about,” he added.

11.24 Russia-Belarus military exercises will continue

In a post in the Telegram, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced that it would extend military exercises with Russia, which should have ended today. “In view of the increase in military activity near the border and the worsening situation in the Donbass, the presidents of Belarus and Russia have decided to proceed.”

11.00 Donbass separatists: “Kiev forces kill two civilians”

Russian separatists in Donbass have accused the Kiev army of killing two civilians in the town of Pyonarskaya, seven kilometers from the Russian border. This news was provided by TASS but not confirmed by independent sources.

Explosions in central Donetsk at 10.31am, according to Reuters

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally in central Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. A witness told Reuters without elaborating on the origin. Meanwhile, a speaker in the area urged citizens to be careful.

10.07 Michael: “Russia mobilizes troops while Western nations maintain olive branch”

“Western allies can not always provide olive branches when Russia conducts missile tests and mass troops on the Ukrainian border,” said Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe at the Munich Security Conference.

9.48 – Michael: “Kremlin’s actions confirm NATO unity”

Europeans are fully aligned with their Atlantic overseas allies and strategic partners: this is the “contradiction” of the Kremlin’s actions that have been “exactly the opposite achieved”. This was stated by Charles Michael, President of the European Council, while addressing the Munich Security Conference. “Our unity is assured,” Michael underlined. “If there is a military occupation, we will retaliate Strict penalties And they will be a price for Europe as well, ”he said, referring to the firm support for Ukrainian democracy and 1. 1.2 billion in support for Kiev.

09.42 – 950 thousand residents of Donbass apply for Russian citizenship
950,000 residents of Donbass have applied for Russian citizenship, and more than 770,000 have already obtained it. “The total number of applicants is about 950 thousand. People are now applying for migration services and writing applications for Russian citizenship, ”said Viktor Vodolodzky, deputy head of the State Duma of the Rostov region. These numbers – provided by the Moscow News Agency – operate according to the Russian story Russian-speaking population of Donbass Kiev is being persecuted by the government and wants independence from Ukraine. Here is our in-depth analysis Internal divisions that divide Ukrainian society.

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09.26 – At least 40,000 refugees in the Rostov region of Russia
According to Russian news agencies, more than 40,000 Ukrainian citizens live in pro-Russian separatist republics. Donbass They came to the Rostov region in Russian territory. Refugees were “welcomed in makeshift shelters”.

08.29 – According to British 007, Putin has already given the green light to a possible attack on Ukraine.
According to what Sunday TimesThe plan of the Russian president Vladimir Putin Has already begun to control Ukraine: this is an analysis of the British secret services. “Our intelligence statements are consistent with the statements of the Americans. Putin has a plan, and it is ongoingA source told a British newspaper. Experts from the US National Security Council in Ukraine agree: According to them, Russia is ready to launch an attack “at any time”. Michael McBallIn an interview with our Viviana Mazza, the former US ambassador to Moscow and former White House national security adviser, Moscow said, “The main thing is to keep the troops at bay for a while, to withdraw them and send them back … pressure on Ukraine. Target?” Putin wants to see Ukrainian democracy fail, so he tells his people and the world: Democracies do not work, regimes like mine do. ” The full interview is here.

08.10 – “Shooting and bombs”, mutual accusations in Donbass
It was an even more complicated night in the communication queue Donbass There the parties accuse each other of violence. According to the Russian company Tass, the Ukrainian Armed Forces attempted to attack Lukansk positions in the pro-Russian Republic and destroyed five residential buildings; All three apartments in the Donetsk People’s Republic were bombed. Even Kiev, through military headquarters, has not dropped the allegations and says that “the enemy has used the weapons banned by the Minsk agreements 116 times, and in 24 hours, the separatist forces have violated the ceasefire 136 times in 24 hours.” . And in the meantime theDeportation of refugees from Donbass To neighboring Russian regions. Explaining what is happening on the field is not easy because misinformation and many messages are affected by the campaign needs of the parties involved. The warning also came from the US State Department, whose spokesman Netflix said yesterday: “We see additional evidence of Russian misinformation being used to create excuses for a possible attack on Ukraine.”

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06.58 – Johnson: “Moscow is preparing for the biggest war in Europe since 1945.”

Sources say Russia is planning “the biggest war in Europe since 1945.” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the remarks in an interview with the BBC at a security conference in Munich. In a way, “the project has already begun,” the prime minister said. According to Johnson, Russian troops do not plan to enter Ukraine from the east via Donbass, but from Belarus and its environs to Kiev.

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