Moscow announces completion of military exercises in Crimea –

From Irene Chow

The latest news on the crisis between Ukraine and Russia comes in the wake of Tuesday’s flashout and the Putin-Schulz meeting.

Diplomatic efforts to end the crisis between Ukraine and Russia continue (Here is an explanation of the origin of tensions), After Moscow – in recent days – Ukraine has amassed thousands of troops on the border. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with German Chancellor Olaf ScholesAnd promised the will of his country (We do not want war) Explained US President Joe Biden An invasion (Ukraine by Russia) is still possible.

11 a.m .: Kremlin’s joke: US does not invade Canada
Russian President Vladimir Putin is not expected to respond to a televised speech by US President Joe Biden. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a news conference. An answer? Can the United States be asked not to invade Canada? No, do not expect.
However, it is a positive fact that the US President has stated that he is ready to hold serious talks to defuse the Ukrainian crisis. However, Peskov said the talks were too difficult. As for Russia, they should lead to a new European defense model developed at the end of the Cold War. It will be very difficult, it will take a lot of flexibility on both sides and it will help the political will.

10.40 am – Minsk: There will be no Russian soldiers in Belarus
Not a single Russian soldier will be in Belarus after the joint exercises of the Moscow and Minsk troops on the Ukrainian border. Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Maki has rejected the notion that 40,000 Russian soldiers are now stationed on the border with Ukraine for a large-scale military exercise known as the Allied solution. Country. Already on Monday, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko announced that the withdrawal of troops would take place when we decide with President Putin, but he will decide: this is our territory. The meeting between Putin and Lukashenko in Moscow is scheduled for this week.
Training begins on February 10 and ends on February 20: these are simulations

Focused on responding to external airstrikes and counter-terrorism and defense operations of key structures of the State Union (sophisticated organization of which Russia and Belarus are members)

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10.30 – Porel in the European Parliament: Listening to Russia
In preparing our united response, the willingness to negotiate must also be audible to Moscow, as Russia must also consider security concerns. Thus EU Foreign Representative Joseph Borel during his speech during the debate on the situation in Ukraine in the European Parliament. At the same time, we need to refine our defenses, such as important sanctions, in negotiations to find a diplomatic solution to this crisis. Worst after the Cold War, Borel finished. What is happening in Ukraine will mark the future of humanity. If the law of the strong is imposed, we will go back in history. The great progress of Europe was the abandonment of war.

10.20am – Ukraine: Unprecedented cyber attack yesterday
Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense condemned the attack on Twitter Unprecedented cyber attack on its website. Those who carried out the cyber attack, it still continues, were unfortunately able to find vulnerable points. Kiev Ministry of Social Media – Our IT security experts have created new security systems, while technicians are engaged in the task of restoring the functionality of the web portal. The note also states that US partners will immediately support us in providing technical advice and additional security services to reaffirm political agreements on cyber security reached in November and 2021. Soon a note from the Kremlin conveys the complete absurdity of the subsequent attack.

10 a.m .: Stoltenberg: Russia continues to amass troops
We have heard signals from Moscow that we are ready to pursue diplomatic efforts. But so far we have not had any expansion or withdrawal of troops, on the other hand the crowd seems to be increasing. This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a meeting of NATO defense ministers that began this hour. What we are seeing is that they have increased the number of troops, and many more are coming, and he is ready for a political solution, ”he added.

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9.30am – Van der Leyen: The facts follow the signs of yesterday’s optimism
We send a clear message to Russia: Do not choose war. The path of cooperation is still possible. This was stated by the Chairman of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen in his address to the European Parliament during the debate on Ukraine. Be careful, despite yesterday’s news, NATO still does not see any signs of a decline in troop growth. Moreover, if the Kremlin chooses violence against Ukraine, our response will be strong and united. The head of the commission discussed sanctions against Russia in the case of the occupation: we will attack strategic interests by differentiating our economy. Europe, the world leader in high-tech components, Russia is completely dependent on us, Europe said, our sanctions can actually build their identity and the Kremlin is well aware of that. Europe’s reaction will be stronger and stronger. The Commission is operating on a strong set of sanctions that go beyond freezing assets and preventing travel for some. Finally, in terms of energy, we are ready: if Russia uses energy as a weapon, many countries are ready to increase their LNG exports to the EU. We have already strengthened our pan-European pipeline and our electrical connection network. It will also be the backbone of the green hydrogen supply.

9am – Day in Europe
Discussion on the Ukraine crisis with Presidents Michael and Van der Leyen and EU High Representative Borel in the EU Parliament this morning. A meeting of NATO defense ministers is also scheduled. Yesterday, Secretary-General Stoltenberg spoke at a press conference with a cautious hope for a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis, but stressed that there were no signs of significant and permanent withdrawal of Russian troops and munitions from the Ukrainian border.

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8.30 – End of military exercises in Crimea
Russia has announced the end of military exercises in Crimea, which is annexed by Moscow, where the deployment of troops has raised fears of an invasion of Ukraine. The soldiers are returning to their garrisons, the Ministry of Defense announced in a statement: the news comes yesterday following the first withdrawal of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border. There is currently no confirmation from European sources, the Atlantic Alliance or the United States.

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