“Moscow gave us 5 days, we have been resisting for 50 years”. The Russians captured the steel plant at Mariupol

AGI – US President Joe Biden has answered “yes” to a reporter’s question about whether he was ready for a trip to Ukraine. After announcing that the United States was considering sending an official to Kiev, Biden said: “We are making a decision now. Thank you.” “Who do you plan to send?” Asked a reporter. Biden replied, “Are you ready to go?” “Yes – then the journalist who asked the President replied: You?”. Biden A: “Yes,” he replied.

The New York Times reports that the European Union is preparing a draft of Russia’s oil embargo. A gradual procurement ban is being explored in Brussels to give Germany and other countries time to regulate alternative suppliers. President Zhelensky has accused Germany and Hungary of blocking efforts to impose sanctions on energy exports, from which Russia will earn about $ 326 billion this year. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the construction of new gas pipelines in Siberia and launched the challenge: “We will export our energy to Asia”.

The Russian Defense Ministry, quoted by Riya Novosti, chief of the Russian Black Sea Navy, said the missile ship Moscow sank when it was towed into port during a storm following an explosion and fire.

The Ukrainian parliament has called on the world community to recognize “genocide.” French President Emmanuel Macron chose not to use the word “genocide” for what is happening in Ukraine, arguing that “verbal increase will not help Ukraine”. “The word genocide has a meaning” and “should be qualified by legal experts, not politicians,” he explained, speaking from Howrah in the northwest. Macron then had two telephone conversations with his counterpart Volodi’mir Zelensky, who reiterated to the Ukrainian president that France was on the side of Kiev to end the conflict.

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