Moscow: “Vatican mediation is good to suppress conflict”. Russian ship Puglia found off the coast – live

Zhelensky: “Mariupol will be released”

“In ‘Eighth Anniversary Of publication Like Mariupol From the pro-Russian terrorists, we are again fighting for this city and the whole of Ukraine. As it is, in 2014, Mariupol will be released again. The Ukrainian flag will return there, as well as in every town and village where the invaders came from. Because this is our country and our people. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky wrote in a telegram in 2014 that the Republic of Donetsk had been in control of the self-proclaimed republic for a month.

“Nuclear industry loses 40 billion hryvnia”

It will be from the beginning of the war 40 billion Hryvnia Loss to the Ukrainian nuclear industry. To reveal it, he reports Ekonomicheskaya Pravda Chairman of Nnegc Energoatom, Petro codeine. The losses are mainly related to buildings destroyed during the bombing, fire accidents and damaged equipment at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. According to Kodin, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, electricity consumption in the country has dropped by almost 40%. In April, Cody estimated the loss of 35 billion hryvnia.

In preparation for Eurovision 2023, a secret location

Ukraine has begun preparations for itEurosivian Song Contest In 2023, despite the ongoing fighting in the country. This was stated by the Vice President of the Office of President Zhelensky on his Telegram channel Grill Timoshenko. “The main issue is security – Tymoshenko explains – the Ministry of Defense and the Interior have been closely integrated from the beginning in the preparatory work”. The city where the European song contest will take place is yet to be announced. “We are evaluating various locations – the vice president of the president’s office reveals – but for security reasons we have not yet announced anything. We are grateful for the support of international partners.

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Russian opponent Yashin: “People of Moscow against the war”

Most people E There is Rather To the war in Ukraine. Say it Ilya Yashin, One of the few Russian protesters who did not leave the country. “In Moscow, the Opponents Are there for war The majority, We did not notice it. The authorities control the media, we are not organized, there is pressure from the police, so we seem less. But my subjective feeling is that Moscow’s atmosphere did not even come close to the militaristic environment of 2014. Every car had stickers of 0Crimea ours and St. George’s ribbons, “Yashin told the Independent Russian Base. The dissident underscores how they appear in public places, but they are not displayed by private citizens. A Order“They have some private cars with the letter Z., They have police cars and company vehicles, but they still follow orders,” he points out.

“Activist arrested for anti-war banner”

Warships Novaya Gazeta Europe And Medusa That statement a Activist Was stopped for the anonymous anti-war banner that appeared yesterday morning in E In front of the headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Defense. ‘Today is not my day‘, Read the banner created for Russia’s Day celebrated yesterday. According to NGO Ovd-Info – Taken from Always Novaya Gazeta Europe And from Medusa – Activist accused of two administrative offenses by Russian authorities: “Disobedience “And” for the formal order of a police officeragain and again Russian troops invade Ukraine on February 24. The Russian government has since intensified its crackdown on protesters, activists and the independent media.

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Mayor Mariupol: “Bodies on the street”

More than One lakh People are trapped in the city of Ukraine Like Mariupol Occupied by Russian troops. He said BBC Mayor of the city வாடிம் போயிச்சென்கோ. “They have no clean water. No food, no electricity, no medicine. Hospitals were damaged and doctors were killed. People do not live, they do not survive, they do not fight for food, ”the mayor complained. Boychenko, who fled Mariupol, said the bodies of several victims were still lying in the bombed-out buildings. “There are many deaths in Mariupol. The Russians did not take the bodies of those killed in the bombing. Many bodies are still under the rubble … According to doctors, this summer in Mariupol will be scary, with thousands of lives “at risk” and “thousands of lives could be lost”. In recent days, the British Ministry of Defense has warned of the risk of cholera in Mariupol.

Sweden: “We take Turkey’s concerns seriously”

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine was a defense of Europe and a watershed for it SwedishSo we decided to enter Was born. The historical significance is clear, lI say goodbye to 200 years of neutrality It is not done lightly. But I think it was the right decision. There Turkey Raised some concerns, we take them a lot Seriously And we talk together Finland“We want to resolve the situation because we can bring a lot to the coalition, we will be a constructive and active member,” he added, adding that anti-terrorism laws will be further “strengthened” and “reflection on weapons” will take place. Exports “and this is true. This is the result of objections raised by Ankara

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“Another mass grave in Pucha”

“Another mass grave was discovered in the Kiev region புச்சாKiev Regional Police Chief Andrii Nebytov said: “Seven people were tortured and shot in the head, some with their hands tied and shot in the knees. .

Stoltenberg: “Key signals from Sweden and suspicions about Turkey”

“We want to solve problems Turkey Can enter as soon as possible Sweden And Finland Inside Was bornSweden’s signals on terrorism and arms exports are important. ” The NATO Secretary General said Jens Stoltenberg At a press conference with the Prime Minister of Sweden Magdalena Anderson. “The concerns raised by Turkey are legitimate and we are engaged in tripartite talks. Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO is of historic significance.

Villages were evacuated to Priluki after the Russian invasion

Several Ukrainian villages in the district பிரைலுக்கிArea Chernihiv, Were expelled following a Russian missile attack. That – he mentions Ukrinform – By Zaizd, Petrivske, Tykhe and Sukhostavets. This was announced by the Civil Defense Department and the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration. Serhii Boldyriev, Director of the Department. At 1.15 pm today, Russian forces launched a missile attack on Priluki.

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