Moscow, Vladislav Avaev dead at home: Former Kremlin official and deputy head of Gosbrombank

Vladislav Avaev, A former Kremlin consultant and former Casprombank vice president has died in his apartment on the 14th floor of a luxury apartment building. EWith Handgun Next to the lifeless bodies of his pregnant wife and 13-year-old daughter. But what appears to be a murder-suicide case actually has some obscure features and all traces remain open. Casprombank is one of the main channels for Russian oil and gas payments, which is currently attracting the attention of the world: the 51-year-old has officially left it, although according to many he maintained some ties. Many millionaires from his construction industry, Avayev, was also vice president of Putin’s chief executive of the Kremlin.

Bodies of Avaye, Della Wife Yelenia And the small one Maria Discovered by 26-year-old eldest daughter, Anesthesia, He was alert because he could not contact his family: all three had gunshot wounds, and one of the guns (at least 13 people in his apartment) was owned by Avaev. Also, in the testimony of the neighbor, there are those who reported Daily Mail, After tightening Western sanctions, puts forward the hypothesis that the issue could be linked to the financial crisis: “Perhaps he is mired in debt. “Everyone is depressed and some are ready to take drastic action.” But even the path of jealousy has not been ruled out by rumors of a wife’s possible relationship with the driver of a banker who was fired a long time ago. Suspicion of possible murder arises from the words of another neighbor: “She had no reason to do so. He is rich and intelligent. Such a man cannot be killed. Perhaps Avaev and his family were killed.

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