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From Creta Prividera

The story of the deputy commander of the Azov battalion who finally left Mariupol: “I have not heard anything from him since January, and then on May 20 he called me when he was about to leave. I’m afraid of him, I trust Zhelensky. “

Do you know where he is now?

“Svyatoslav does not drink, does not smoke.”

Was he also a prisoner in Olenivka in the Donetsk region with Aso’s comrades?

“He wanted to continue studying, but in 2014 he moved on In Donbass To protect our country “.

Before answering our questions, Lydia Vasilyevna66, wants to tell us who he is Svyatoslav Palmer, also known as KalinaHer 39-year-old boyfriend, the deputy commander Azov Battalion, Mariupol finally left Steelworks. He wants to protect the reputation and honor of the boy with the bitter beard and camouflage we encountered in the video messages sent from the Azovstale tunnels, in which he said: “We will resist to the last.” When Zhelensky replied: “Leave it, go out”; Galina replied: “Don’t worry, we will win.” In Vasilievna’s voice responding to us from her home in Mykolayiv, 30 kilometers from the city of Lviv, we feel the effort it takes to be the mother of a man who is considered a little hero and a little Nazi.

What did you answer him?

“I could not tell him much. I said to him:” Please be careful. ” He was waiting to be evicted, while the others came out before him. Injured soldiers and paramedics. Now we are very afraid that they will harm him.

The Russians?

“Yes, I am afraid they are torturing him. We have great confidence in our leader. Hopefully he will negotiate the release of Azovstal prisoners Who fought for the glory of all Ukraine. We hope no one forgets them. ”

When was the last time you saw Kalina?

“We saw it on TV a few nights ago. He thanked Zhelensky and everyone who helped clear the steel work. We do not have much information, it destroys us. We do not sleep, we follow the news all day. I miss my son and have not hugged him since January“.

Last seen live in January? Did you imagine this war?

“He lived in Mariupol with his wife and 5-year-old son. I often went to them to help them with the baby. I like being a grandmother. My son imagined things would explode, and two days before February 24 he sent his family out of Ukraine.

What did he tell you about the steel mills?

“Very low. Often He will send us messages with a “+”. “+” Was the way to say everything is OK, I’m alive. We have been waiting for days for that sign

He recorded a video for her that went viral.

“I respect him when I lose him, but the more I see him, the more I suffer. My son’s face has changed, it’s worn out. He’s a happy man. He adores his son. He loved toy players when he was little, and now his great interest. Is cooking and starts cooking when he gets home. He should have come to work at our bar, but he wanted the army.

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Sorry, why Kalyana?

“I was surprised, it’s a woman’s name. But Kalina is a plant, the symbol of our country.

Is your son Nazia?

“No it is not. The fruit of Russian propaganda is the misconception about the Azov battalion: they are not Nazis, they are nationalists
. Among them are not only Ukrainians. All the people who want to protect our country from the threat of invasion for many years are part of the Azovs. It pains me so much to hear them say that my son is a Nazi.

Do you have extreme right-wing ideas?

“He was never interested in politics. At school he loved history. After Maiden and Andrei Pilatsky founded Aso, he joined the battalion. A strong sense of patriotism has developed in many boys. For example, we are with Zhelensky.

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