“Nazarbayev is a monster fed by the West, including Italy” – Corriere.it

From Francesco Pattistini

The real leader of the opposition, a former minister and banker, was deported to Paris: in 2013 his wife Shalabeva and his daughter were arrested and deported by Italian services. The quarter century was the number one common enemy of the Nazarbayev clan

At one point the crowd gathered and tried to march on Nazarbayev’s house in Almaty. He stood in front as he ran away His daughter Tarika: The plane was ready for Abu Dhabi. To prevent demonstrators, the police began to shoot rubber bullets. But then, as protesters entered, snipers appeared. Need to shoot with real bullets. Someone who was there tells me They killed at least fifty people…. It has been four years since his home in Paris Former Minister, former banker and dissident Mukhtar Aplyasov Joins Kazakhstan every day. Actually the leader of the opposition abroad: Sometimes discussed, Allegation of corruption in the regimeBut really a leader. And now, 24 hours a day online: When Putin and the regime say that someone from abroad is manipulating the opposition, everyone thinks of the United States. No, they are talking about France. Because I am a refugee in France. And I, For a quarter of a century, they have been their number one enemy.

Now a real revolution …

The regime has finally taken off its mask and its puppet Tokayev has shown his bloodthirsty face. What other tyrant in the world is shooting like this? Lukashenko is not even in BelarusThe international community should ban Kazakhstan from civil society, impose sanctions on its oligarchy and stop doing business.

But now why?

True revolutions come spontaneously. When you do not expect them. Saw with Arabian springs, Libya, Tunisia. Or skiing in Iran. In these countries, as in Kazakhstan, the insurgency stems from prolonged repression. And from the long work of educating disobedient people. For four years, from here, I explained how we could get out of this situation by developing a reform plan. The question is not whether the Cossacks will ever hunt Nazarbayev clan: The question is when. The time has come.

But did any alien force really blow the fire?

I do not believe. This country is not Ukraine, where other countries like Poland have strong interests. Here, for example, we always talk about Turkey and its role, its relations with Kazakhstan. He has no foreign powers behind this rebellion.

Next week, Russians and Americans will discuss Ukraine: Do you think Kazakhstan is a bargaining chip?

Of course, the issue will enter into negotiations.

It was too late for the West to realize whose Nazarbayev was.

If we consider the dictators of the monsters, yes, the hand that fed the West to the demon. Nazarbayev has become more and more powerful as Western nations see corruption and crime. He turned a blind eye to the billions in investments he and his family made. He has now done nothing to oppose the massacre of hundreds of people and to allow Putin to keep Kazakhstan at his feet.

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Even in Italy, Mr. Ablyazov, nothing was known about you until 2013. Until your wife Shalabeva and her daughter end up at the center of an international affair they were indescribably arrested by Italian services and handed over to Kazakhstan …

This is a good example. After that, Italy did nothing: you have the treasures and possessions of Nazareth, but nothing happened. There are trade and cooperation agreements between him and Italian companies, but no restrictions have been imposed. These will give strength to the dictators, allow them to do everything and do no harm. In recent years, for example, a large Italian bank such as Unicredit has been involved in buying and selling assets of the Nazarbayev family. Subsidiary of the Dictator in 2007, Plut UdemuratovSold its bank Atf to Uncredit for $ 2.1 billion. Six years later, Unicredit sold it for 493 million to a wealthy Kazakh businessman, the former mayor of Almaty, Akmetjan Yesimov. No one stopped this move. Usually uninteresting, when my wife and daughter were already kidnapped, the dictator made hundreds of millions.

Do you think Europe will move at this time?

I wrote a letter to the President of the United States, to the leaders of all European countries, and to the Strasbourg Parliament. Ask for sanctions against the regime and seize its luxurious villas and bank accounts. Nazarbayev’s interests and lobbies are everywhere. The situation is changing, and everything can not be left in Putin’s hands.

And the danger of Islam? Sunny Kazakhstan A stone throwing from Afghanistan …

No. This is the old misinformation of the regime that has always taken advantage of the geographical position to convince the West to fight fundamentalism. Trust me: Kazakhs are religious, but they are also educated. We are not Afghanistan.

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