Nazi salute to European Parliament, storm on Bulgarian vice

Nazi salute to the European Parliament. During the full legislative debate in Strasbourg on the rule of law, Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki, a member of the Ecr group, insulted Sandro Kozi before intervening in the rule of law in Poland and Hungary. Following that, Tzambasky left the assembly with a gesture of Nazi salute to the then-Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament, Bina Picciarno, who was chairing the room.

“A fascist greeting to the European Parliament, which I cannot accept at any time, anywhere. It hurts me and everyone in Europe,” said Roberto Metzola, President of the European Parliament. “We are the House of Democrats. That gesture comes from the darkest chapter of our history and should be left there,” he insists.

“In the session I chaired tonight, the Bulgarian MEP Dzhambazki Roman saluted. I immediately condemned what happened and asked that this disgraceful and unacceptable gesture be allowed. The European Parliament is a living monument to democracy against barbarism. Nazi-fascism”, Picierno’s tweet.

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