New Ford ad oozes fun in Elon Musk’s screeching mouth and fluffy leather

GIF: Ford Motor Company / YouTube

Ford Motor Company owns only 2.5% of the electric vehicle market in the United States. But if a new announcement from the automaker is any indication, Tesla CEO Elon Musk should watch out, as Detroit is striving for it. Ford has a new ad mocking the thin-skinned billionaire, albeit without explicitly naming Musk. America’s richest ruler will likely see it as a blow.

“Right now, it may seem that the only people who matter are the loudest,” the narrator said during footage of a hand swiping on a smartphone in To my father.

“Those who want to tear things down and then fly away on their personal spaceships when things get tough,” continues the narrator. “But we have 182,000 people building.”

The new ad, the first to spot it Ad age Magazine is available at Youtube But it will air for the first time during the Kentucky Derby. And it’s a brilliant attempt to reach middle-class Americans who are tired of the grumbling and eponymous attitude that Musk shows so often on Twitter, a platform he’s trying to buy for $44 billion.

SpaceX co-founder Musk has previously said he would like to die on Mars, although it is likely that he will have to bring some Contract servants To make it happen – served they would obviously die with him. But like a lot of musk Unfulfilled promises For the future, it seems unlikely that he will go to Mars anytime soon.

The new ad clearly wants to put the spotlight on Ford workers, but it also does so as a way of comparing the way workers at Musk companies are treated. Tesla that has approx 53% From the US electric car market, is a non-union store with a stunning appearance A history of worker abuse.

The announcement also indicates that Ford assembles more cars in the US than other automakers, and another blow is likely for Tesla, which recently opened a massive plant in China.

What will Musk tweet in response to this ad? Something that’s either incredibly cute or totally inappropriate – the only two speeds a billionaire has in a Twitter conversation.

Which means we can either expect Musk to say something like “Ford? More like Bored!” Or people at Ford will compare it to Adolf Hitler, as he did to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Back in February. There is no middle ground with Musk.

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