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Warning: The following review contains major spoilers from Season 1 of the Finals moon knight Episode 6 as well Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness.

There is a moment in the first season of the finale Disney+/marvel‘s moon knight When God’s good man Khuncho (F. Murray Abraham) tells the bad God Amit (Sofa Danu) girl in the midst of their battle, “I only punish those who choose evil!”.


Apparently, Khuncho forgot to mention the innocent Disney+ viewers who are missing out on what is arguably the most confusing Marvel series to date.

In this wonderful thread of the multiverse created by Marvel among last year’s films such as Spider-Man: There is no room for home and TV series WandaVision And loki, The studio has gone beyond those original calculated orchestral movements to utter Byzantine chaos in terms of storytelling. Although the production value is high moon knight, With its outlandish locations, engaging action, and great use of standards (the epilogue begins with Earl Grant’s wonderful tune “The End (Rainbow)”), the story was truly a thorn between shifting realities and the separatist identity turmoil of the poor man. At times, I felt like Marvel was trying to go around it mr robot, But even that was smarter and more connected.

And yes, this maze storytelling is all about fake this coming weekend Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. While that actually associates it, natch, with WandaVision, wink at no way home, It is in and out, and in and out, one loses track of what is the right side up of wisdom.

Loki's season finale garnered the most viewership for Disney + MCU


And throughout all of this, where is the new multiverse villain, Kang the Conqueror by Jonathan Majors? I know I know, moon knight It is not related to the element of the larger multiverse being created (at least at this point in time). But can we get some engraving on Kang? Anywhere?

Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness

(LR): Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez, Benedict Wong as Wong, Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange

Professional educator Del Claus uses to preach his students to play comics at the highest level of their wits, but when Marvel plays the 1% who really know who these comic book characters are, what hope is there, Disney, of crossing these projects beyond the faithful to a larger audience? should Dr. Gharib 2Gross opening earnings come in less than expected ($160M+ domestic, $300M), if only because the confusion in the sequel isn’t playing out at scale. In terms of the intricacies in the Disney+/Marvel series, this is probably part of the streaming device’s algorithm: to confuse and spoil viewers on Easter to the point where they need to constantly rewatch episodes.

The latest example of Marvel keeping so many dolls in the dark, is in the first epilogue of Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Where an action star appears as Dr. Strange’s new superhero teammate (We’ll leave it up to Google to tell you who it is.) While such precious hoaxes delight fans, what about Marvel, we call the duck a duck, and simply tell us who she is and why her veil is so important?! All it takes is a few more seconds of dialogue.

Moon Night Jake Lockley Finale


This brings us to the hijacker tonight in Kuda Moon knight. We learn that the superhero has a third character, as well as Mark Spector and Stephen Grant (both played by Oscar Isaac) and see that this is Jake Lockley. Who is this? He’s a rude taxi driver (seen here tonight behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce) who is closely associated with the underworld. It’s just another character that Moon Knight/Khonshu can pull off.

The character reveal basically indicates that there must be a second season of Moon knight.

moon knight

From left to right: Stephen Grant and Khuncho

Basically, Khonshu wins at the end of season one. In the epilogue, we see Ethan Hawke’s cult leader Arthur Harrow (who was the avatar of Amit) being punished in the Asylum realm where Stephen and Mark were imprisoned in the latter part of the season. Harrow, in a wheelchair, is led by Harrow to Rolls Royce. Harrow sits in the back seat as he sits across from Khonshu. God never had any plans to take an avatar for Mark’s wife, Layla (Mae Kalamawi), and even seemed to have Jake in his arsenal.

Earlier in the episode, Harrow unleashed the goddess Amit the crocodile. Throughout the season, Harrow has been using his purple stone staff, which is reminiscent of the ruined infinity stones we saw in galaxy guardians, And in terms of colors, a nod to the power of Agatha Harkness. Amit, of course, wants to keep Khuncho under control. Khuncho appears to Laila at the cemetery where Harrow does all his funny magic with Amit. Khoncho needs an avatar, but Layla is not a toy for possession.

Cut to Mark standing in the fields of the Golden Universe, which is where Sting feels right at home. Hippo Tawaret (Antonia Cross) tells Mark that his other character Stephen is gone, and may he rest in peace. Mark Stephen finds a freezer in the desert and defrosts it. Then we see Mark revived in the water, in the realm of Cairo time where Khuncho and Amit are at war. Mark and Stephen get their Moon Knight suit back, which means there’s more hope for the world. The two negotiated with Khuncho and agreed to be released after they suppressed Amit. In the midst of this, Laila became the avatar for Tawaret, transforming into a winged hero resembling Wonder Woman who later fought alongside Moon Knight against Harrow. Mark/Steven and Layla are no match for the powerful Harrow, and there is a huge contrast between the trio. Harrow shoots from Moon Night with his purple wand to tell him that if he left Amit to rule, young Randall (Mark’s younger brother) life would have been saved, and his family would be happy.

This fight results in Harrow having the upper hand as he stands atop the Moon Knight, thrusting his purple wand into his chest. But the superhero suffers from a blackout. Mark comes in with the broken wand in his hands, and Harrow is dead. Layla and Stephen/Mark take Harrow’s body to a grave to weave a spell, tying Amit to Harrow’s body. Their cheer brings Amit back to Harrow, who warns “You can never contain me, I will never stop.” Khuncho wants Mark to kill Harrow/Amit, but he shows mercy. “You want them to die, do it yourself,” Mark said to Concho.

moon knight


There is a moment when Stephen/Mark wakes up in the asylum, still sick with a Harrow contracture. But somehow, the two have psychological control as the episode ends with Mark/Stephen waking up in the latter’s London apartment; Their feet are still attached to the bed. All this before the events of the previously described epilogue took place.

Of course, what brought the duo back to London, was Mark’s emphatic command to Khonshu, “Now set us free!”

Amen, Mark, you speak for all of us.

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