New Trailer for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Reveals New Legends, Release Date

The Pokémon company and developer Game Freak have given Pokémon fans a fresh look at the following games in the franchise, scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon Violetin a new trailer on Wednesday showing the new Pokémon game, the new open-world gaming region, and a release date in 2022.

scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon Violet It will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on November 18, the Pokémon company announced Wednesday. The games will send players to a new still unnamed area, where they will capture both familiar and new Pokémon, including the newly revealed Pokémon Lechunk, Smolve, and Baume.

carmine And the Violet It will include multiplayer for up to four players, according to a press release. This includes trading and fighting Pokémon, as well as multiplayer exploration of “different locations from the region in these games.”

Pokemon Company announce Its next generation of Pokémon games is coming out in February, revealing an all-new and awesome new location 9th generation appetizer Sprigatito, “A fickle, attention-seeking Pokémon Grass Cat”; Fuecoco, “Comfortable Fire Croc Pokémon who does things at their own pace”; and Quaxly, “A serious and tidy duck Pokémon.” Since then, the Pokémon Company has been relatively quiet scarlet pokemon And the Pokemon Violet.

It’s been a really big year for Pokémon fans, who got their hands on the indie game Pokemon Legends: Arceus In January, only a few months after the release of new versions Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And the Pokemon Shining Pearl on the Nintendo Switch. The latest major releases in the series, Pokemon Shield And the Pokemon Swordwhich was launched in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch.

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