Now they’re asking the EU to lift sanctions (and offer compensation).

The Oligarchies They are no longer there, and the focus is now not as much on the super-rich Russians as it was at the start of the war, who are trying to completely repeal the EU sanctions against them. The motivation they try to give to the court – explains Wall Street Journal – Their rights have been violated by the implementation of the measures.

The AmericaThe European Union and Britain led the West in sanctioning dozens of oligarchs in the wake of Russia’s invasion.Ukraine. In that network, dozens of billionaire businessmen with close ties to Western governments have ended up The Kremlin Therefore, they are complicit in the conflict. In most cases, sanctions against individuals have resulted in travel bans and asset freezes, including yachts, private jets, villas and bank accounts worth billions of dollars.

Putin, Russia’s ex-rich man: “He went down a path that led to his end”

A renegade, estranged from Putin

Many oligarchs have actually distanced themselves from the Russian president Vladimir Putin After the invasion. Some have also moved to protect their assets from lockdowns, sometimes by transferring ownership to partners or family members. Now, a few of them are trying to remove the restrictions on them from the EU legal system.

Oligarchs who moved above all on a legal level Roman Abramovich, forced to sell Chelsea earlier this year; Alisher Usmanov, President of Metals and Mines; Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven, longtime partners at one of Russia’s largest private banks, have filed separate cases at the EU General Court. They claim their rights have been violated, deny accusations by Western governments that they have close ties to the Kremlin, and call for the lifting of sanctions.

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