Olena Guerrero, the protagonist of the symbolic photo of the bombings: “Does she live under Putin? Never: it is better to die” – Corriere.it

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Olena Kourilo, 52, traveled around the world: she was injured in the Cuhuv bombing, 40 km east of Kharkiv. Today she says: I’m lucky. I will always be only next to my homeland

Face of Olena CurilloThe 52-year-old had been bleeding since yesterday when he was struck by a window broken by a missile. It happened when his hometown was Kuhu Attacked by Russian aircraft missiles, On February 24th: At least one person was killed in the blast Many buildings were destroyed or damaged. From today, it has become a symbol of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, including the home of Gorillo, who works as a teacher.. The photo of his bloody face, covered with bandages, went around the world: this morning it was also on the front page of the courier della Serra.

After receiving treatment at the hospital, Gorillo was interviewed by the agency
AFP French newspaper and related to the bombing: All I could think of was “God, I’m not ready to die.”. I was in shock, I did not even feel pain, probably due to adrenaline. I’m lucky, she added to BfmTv’s microphones, there I have to be a strong guardian angel: my house was destroyed, not even a window, not even the floor was destroyed. Guhu has a population of about 30,000 and is located 40 km away Kharkiv is one of the most bombed-out cities in the eastern part of the country. Curillo explains that he heard that the same explosion had caused the death of a 13-year-old girl in an adjoining building. His words are painful, but firm. I do not think we can go that far, he agrees, but I will do everything for Ukraine, as much as I can and with all the energy I have. I will always be only next to my homeland. Living under Putin? Never, under any circumstances: it is good to die.

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February 25, 2022 (Alternate February 25, 2022 | 11:49)

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