Orsini du Cordobianka: “Ukraine’s future is bleak”

“Ukraine’s future is bleak”. Professor Alessandro Orsini reveals himself in the Karbianka in the context of the impending war between Russia and Ukraine.

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“If Putin ‘runs away’ many dead soldiers in Ukraine, he will not leave. What I said several months ago is happening: the Russians have surrounded Donbass. We need to understand that there is a communication dimension to the Ukrainian problem. Says the sociology professor of international terrorism.

“We need to increase sanctions against Russia and then use them as bargaining chips on the negotiating table. We will strangle Russia and then negotiate with Russian-occupied Ukrainian regions outside the Donbass. My strategy is to defend a part of democratic Ukraine. , You give us back Mariupol and Odessa, “he added.

“However, I am skeptical. We do not have the strength to increase sanctions against Russia.” If you ask me the answer to the future, I would say that Putin will be suspended for reacting after defeating Donbass. If there is an unstable line in the West, Putin will go to Kiev and try to behead Zhelensky, “he said.

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