Oslo’s attention-getting female walrus

Freya is a female walrus that weighs around 700 kg and has become the main attraction for ten days. Frognerkilen Bay, in the Oslo Fjord west of the Norwegian capital. In recent months she has been spotted in Scotland, the Netherlands and Denmark, finally settling in the port of Kragerø, 200 kilometers south of Oslo: Kragerø and the port where she is now, Freya noted as having sunk. The boats and yachts she boarded to relax, with understandable complaints from the owners, but above all for her funny and clumsy efforts, attract the attention of dozens of visitors.

According to Norse mythology, Freya is named after the goddess of love, beauty and war. Since her arrival in Kraków, she has been photographed and filmed on several occasions relaxing on yachts docked in the harbour, notably without her very low stern and bulky engine, which has even become a topic of discussion on the internet.

Norwegian tabloid last Tuesday The Verdens Gang Shared by A Live stream Viewed more than 160,000 times, it shows Freya relaxing on a small boat in Oslo harbour, surrounded by piers and people approaching her from motorboats to watch as she lays in the sun.

Some videos shared on social networks show her chasing a duck and a swan or trying to board a rubber dinghy that eventually sinks; while others Clearing the seats A boat with its own fangs makes bulk Damage Estimated to be around tens of thousands of Euros.

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Walruses inhabit a vast area, occupying various parts of the Arctic Ocean and subarctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere, from the coasts of Russia and Norway to areas beyond Greenland and Canada. They swim for kilometers in shallow water to forage for the thousands of shellfish they eat daily, but then rest on ice shelves or on land for up to 20 hours a day.

They are considered animals Vulnerable Mainly due to climate change and the passage of merchant ships, which interfere with their habitat and their activities, the visibility is favourable. Even at very low latitudes than their usual inhabitants.

According to Rune Ai, a walrus expert who has studied Freya’s behavior in recent weeks, the animal accidentally entered the Oslo Fjord while trying to swim north toward the Arctic Ocean. Before this she was in the same place three or four days ago: a speculates She can’t leave Oslo yet because she feels trapped by the various boats that surround her, mostly with curious people who come to see her.

Norwegian authorities these days They were surprised As for how to manage Freya’s presence in the Oslo area, given the damage to the boats and the heavy presence of people, it could threaten her and provoke an attack.

Last week marine police tried to stop her from boarding the boat with a jet of water, but to no avail. Some researchers have created a floating platform instead, hoping to keep it away from private boats until it moves elsewhere or until authorities decide whether to bring it back to its natural habitat: however, for now, that doesn’t seem to be changing the habit.

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Some argue that Freya should be removed Because of the damage it does to other animals, but because it’s not its natural habitat, it can’t reproduce anyway. The Norwegian Department of Fisheries has made it known that the animal is in good health, well-fed, and is not dangerous to humans if you keep a reasonable distance: for this reason, people and local authorities will let her stay as long as it is not a threat.

Regarding the damage to the boats, biologist Kjell Isaksen suggested that owners, if possible, tie them up to seaward-facing moorings to reduce the risk of Freya boarding them and sinking them.

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