Paris wants to make China ideal for swimming

The Seine River crossing Paris was announced.Biologically dead”Due to industrial and agricultural pollution in the areas where it flows in the 1960s. Due to the pollution level, swimming in it has been banned since 1923, but in recent decades the local government has invested a lot of money to clean up the river and the current administration has a very ambitious goal: to ensure China. Suitable for back swimming. From 2024, the next Summer Olympics will be held in Paris.

Recently the organizing committee of Paris 2024 Announced Starting with the opening ceremony of the games, Sean will be at the center of the whole event.

In fact, the ceremony will not take place in a stadium as usual, but is expected to take place on a section of the river about 6 kilometers long that runs from the height of the Asterlitz Bridge to the Eiffel Tower. According to the plan, on the evening of July 26, 2024, 160 boats carrying more than 10,000 athletes and athletes were welcomed by about 600,000 people near the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. Visitors can see the procession from various places along the river.

Organizers plan to have Olympic swimming competitions in open water and triathlon – including swimming, cycling and running – on the scene, as they did at the 1900 Paris Olympics. Some long games on the river are ideal for everyone to swim again.

Map taken from Official site Paris 2024

In 1990, the then mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac, he said On television, 25 years after the river was thought to be biologically dead, 25 different fish species were discovered on the scene. Chirac, a former prime minister and then president, said he would personally bathe “in front of witnesses” in three years, proving that Sean has once again become the “real river”. His words were received with a certain delight by the audience of the show. However, the idea of ​​making China a bathing suit was subsequently taken into account by subsequent administrations.

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Only in 1970 40 percent The effluent from Paris was treated, and until the 1980s existing plants managed only domestic effluent. Things began to change in the 1990s, thanks to stricter controls on pollution and the construction of new wastewater treatment plants. Today, 99 percent of the wastewater in the Paris region is treated.

Interventions in recent years to clean up China have effectively allowed a wide variety of fish to return to the river. Cat fish 243 cm in length was discovered in the summer of 2020. However, this does not mean that people can do Chinese bathing safely in the short term.

A Triathlon at Sean in July 2010 (AP Photo / Michael Euler)

The goal of the Persian administration, led by Mayor Anne Hidalgo, is to create three natural pools in different parts of the river where everyone can swim once the Olympics are over. In 2020, the French Minister for Climate Change, Barbara Bombili, Announced The 4 1.4 billion plan calls for “restoring the waterway to good health and allowing bathing”: more than double the estimated cost by the local administration in 2017. Over the course of a year, the investment figure rose to $ 1.8 billion.

“In front of swimming pools, floats and diving boards,” he wrote Le Picaro, Paris will have to wait “A terrible construction site2: In addition to managing wastewater treatment, it is essential to build rainwater harvesting tanks, organize sewage networks and connect them to new sanitation facilities. To be suitable for bathing, the chain water must comply with the standards established by the European Order of 2006, which was implemented in France in 2008 with the Order.

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Among the parameters analyzed to assess the health status of river water, for example, quantity Escherichia coli (E – Goalie), A bacterium that lives in the lower part of our gut and thousands of other animal species. This is very important for our survival, but changing it can cause serious infections in the host. Levels, according to the latest data E – Goalie They are 70-80 percent above the threshold where they are considered safe in seawater.

Jean-Marie Mouchel, director of the UMR METIS Division of Environmental and Aquatic Research at Sorbonne University, said she was optimistic about the project’s success. Moussal said Le Picaro Criteria established by the EU will be respected and certainly more can be done, but the cost of interventions will be exorbitant.

In recent years, seals, porpoises and even whales have returned to the Thames, which until recently was considered an “open sewer”. Port Authority of London anyway Not recommended I strongly recommend taking a bath.

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