Patrick Mahomes – The Kansas City Chiefs’ Crime Will Involve “Everyone” This Season

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – After two days of off-season training, sessions that saw him feed the ball to several different receivers, Patrick Mahomes He was confident in predicting a different kind of crime for the Kansas City chiefs.

“That’s what you’ll see with this crime this year,” Mahomes said Thursday. “It will be everyone. Not everything will be one man. Significantly [Travis Kelce] You’ll get a lot of completions, a lot of yards, but the whole reception room is going to have big days and that could be something we use to our advantage.

“It’s a very deep reception room. It’s hard to say which players will be successful because we have so many good receivers. That’s what you want. You want this competition. You want guys to compete every day to create the roster because they will help us in the end.”

Mahomes went to Kelce or a wide receiver Trek Hill In 45% of his completions and 50% of his yards and dips in his four years as a rookie. But the Chiefs fixed their receiving group this year, swapping Hill for the Miami Dolphins, and signing free agents. jojo smith schuster And Marquis Valdes-Scantlingwording Sky More In the second round and signature Justin Ross As an unformulated free agent.

Mahomes gathered several of his fellow future Texans for practice and throwing sessions. Most of my future presidents attended four weeks of work.

“I think we got some chemistry,” said Mahomes. “We train with them, we throw with them, we go to lunch, we go to dinner, things like that. You kind of build chemistry.”

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“I think it has been translated. So far in the practices we have we feel we are on the same page… and we will continue to build on that.”

Ross went unpolished after missing one season at Clemson due to a congenital spinal condition. But he caught Mahomes’ attention during training this week, notably because of the one-handed grab the chiefs posted on their Twitter account.

Mahomes said of Ross: “You see the talent. People have seen the interest on Twitter. It’s just the way he picks football out of the air. He grabs it. There are no drops. Now it’s about him learning the NFL offense.”

“The more delegates, I can only imagine how amazing he is because of the talent he has.”

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