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President of the US House Nancy Pelosi arrives in TaiwanInfuriating Beijing, it sent its jets into the strait on provocation and announced military maneuvers to blockade the rebel island.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador to Beijing Nicholas Burns in the evening, saying, “Strong opposition and strong condemnation“For US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Vice Minister Xie Feng spoke of” extreme provocation “and” a violation of China policy “, according to official media. The US government” should. He stopped Pelosi from going against the grain of history, but instead went along with it and cooperated with her, raising tensions in the Taiwan Strait and severely damaging Sino-US relations.
“We are monitoring Pelosi’s journey and will remain vigilant to ensure her safety.” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby reiterated at a news conference that the mission to Taiwan would not change U.S. policy toward the island and China.


A veteran Democrat and champion of rights, he has pledged his presence and congressional delegation to “honor America’s unwavering commitment to support.” A vibrant Taiwanese democracy“. Greeted warmly by Foreign Minister Joseph Wu at Taipei’s Changshan Airport, awaiting Wednesday’s meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen, destined to fuel the fury of China, which has been pressing for days against what he calls an “attack on his sovereignty”.

It was the first visit by a House speaker to Taipei since Newt Gingrich in 1997, widely reported as a complicated and new headache for Joe Biden’s administration. Unofficially, the White House and the Pentagon have made no secret of their opposition to the Taipei Platform, which has matured in an environment where US-China relations have been at their lowest in recent decades. In late July, in response to an ad hoc question, Biden said, “The military doesn’t think it’s a good idea right now.” For weeks, the president’s officials tried to discourage the speaker from abandoning his plans and tried to minimize the damage, tying the task to Pelosi’s will. When Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui received Gingrich in 1997, he made a point that angered then-Chinese President Jiang Zemin: “We argue that ‘one China’ means a unified, democratic and independent Chinese nation.” The situation prompted a military response with the arrival of US aircraft carriers in the Taiwan Strait. The episode is well-remembered from other times when President Xi Jinping was vice-secretary of Fujian CCP, the province opposite Taiwan, and this time he did not like China, which has become an economic and military power. Collect another American blow in view of the XX Congress of the Communist Party, which should hand him an unprecedented third term at the helm of the CCP in the autumn.

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Chinese media reported sending PLA Su-35 fighter jets into the Taiwan Strait (a hypothesis denied by Taipei Defense, which condemned the intrusion of 21 planes) on an imminent landing, immediately after a flurry of press releases. , he condemned Pelosi’s visit on all levels. The Foreign Ministry issued a “strong condemnation” and spoke of “serious political provocation”; The Defense Ministry announced “joint military operations” and armed forces are “cautiously” targeting around Taiwan, as well as long-range artillery strikes and missile launches in the sea east of the island. The CCP Taiwan Affairs Office warned that “no one can stop the reunification process” of the island with the People’s Republic, which has entered an “irreversible” stage. Meanwhile, the US aircraft carrier Reagan has been in the area for several days, along with the amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli. The Taiwan issue is the most complicated knot in relations between Washington and Beijing: “He who plays with fire will get burned,” was Xi’s warning in their last video call to Biden last week.

The United States does not support Taiwan’s independence and continues to support the one-China policyNational Security spokesman John Kirby reiterated that today.
At this point, Pelosi noted that the visit was “not inconsistent” with U.S. policy toward Taiwan and China. The US opposes “unilateral attempts to change the status quo” in the strait, he said in a further statement on Twitter, echoing Biden’s position expressed to Xi. However, the atmosphere heated up well before the speaker took off from Kuala Lumpur, the second stop of the tour in Asia. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, head of the media division and with the rank of vice minister, threatened “resolute countermeasures” against the United States, “returning to a press conference for the first time since February 24, the day of special military operations. “Russia in Ukraine. “The United States will pay the price for harming China’s sovereign security interests,” he vowed. Meanwhile, Beijing has secured support from Moscow.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described Pelosi’s work as “Pure provocation“And” justified the “Chinese attitude.” It’s all stormy. From China’s point of view, Pelosi’s visit is another example that the United States won’t stop trying to make Taiwan think for itself, which Beijing doesn’t want, said Derek J., an analyst at RAND. Grossman tweeted. The corporation think tank is a bond Beijing wants to break, starting with military and economic pressure.

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