Pete Alonso, Starling Marty suffered a loss

SAN DIEGO – Given the disaster that would have befallen the Mets on a perfect Tuesday night at Petco Park, a 7-0 loss to Padres, in context, seemed almost palatable.

The match was only half an hour old when the Mets lost both Alonso’s house And the Starling Mart For injuries, Alonso appears to be particularly alarming. But the initial updates for both have been relatively mild.

Alonso, who was hit in the right hand by diver Yu Darvish at 96 mph, underwent x-rays that came negative for a fracture. He was due to undergo more filming to be sure, but for now, it looks like Alonso may have dodged a major injury.

Mart survived with what the Mets defined as a bout of a left quadriceps muscle strain, not a strain or tear. He, too, was scheduled to undergo further tests.

“Hopefully we get lucky with both,” said manager Buck Showalter. “we will see.”

When asked if he expects an absence of only a day or two for Alonso and Mart, Showalter replied: “I like your optimism, but I don’t share that with you at this point. But we’ll see.”

Neither Alonso nor Marty were available after the match to talk about their injuries because they left the building to take tests late at night, according to a team spokesperson. However, Showalter said he spoke with Marty right after the match, noting that he was still at Petco Park. The director also said that Marty is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Wednesday. The spokesman did not respond to a letter seeking clarification, leaving the whole situation with an additional layer of uncertainty.

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The answers will come soon, at least, for the Mets who still have one more game in San Diego before wrapping up their West Coast swing with a three at Anaheim.

“Obviously, losing those two guys who quickly let a little air out of it all,” Showalter said.

Injuries smelt many of the good feelings the Mets built with three straight wins over the Dodgers and Padres, and they happened almost immediately at the start of the game on Tuesday. After a dervish sink Brandon Nemo to open the contest, Mart reaches the base and gets out limping in an attempt for a stolen base. After a lengthy conversation with Showalter and a coach, Marty stayed in the game, but seemed to be going too cautiously and took nearly 90 seconds to get back into the dugout after the inning. No longer for a second bottom.

By then, Alonso had already left after taking Dervish’s weight off his right hand while trying to check his swing as the second-round board came up. Alonso immediately fell to the ground in pain and walked off the field without hesitation. While the initial X-rays came back negative, Showalter later admitted that “X-rays sometimes don’t reveal” hairline fractures or other small fractures of the hand.

The Mets cannot afford a prolonged absence from any of their injured players, but especially not Alonso, the most productive producer during the first third of the season. Alonso appeared in the first 58 games the Mets played curved line from .282/.363/.546. His 16-player counterpart advances to the top of the National League, while his 54-team RBIs are leading the way.

JD Davis, who started on base Monday for the first time since 2018, replaced Alonso as the discus runner and took charge at the start. The Mets recently downgraded Dominic Smith to Triple-A Syracuse, but he would be a candidate for a comeback if Alonso misses too long. The Mets are deeper on the field, with Mark Kahn replacing Mart on the right. However, a long-term absence would not be ideal. After a slow start, Marte has been on fire in recent weeks, scoring 0.313 with 15 additional key strokes in 30 games since the start of May.

The Mets have two center players — Gosuke Katoh and Nick Dini — on their San Diego taxi team, but only Katoh has a lot of professional experience at first base or on the field. Showalter indicated that the Mets will make contingency plans, and possibly bring additional players to California in case the injury becomes serious.

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