Police delay to prevent homicide in Texas

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On Thursday evening, May 26, the media and US officials released new details about the behavior A primary school in Uvalde was murdered Tuesday, Texas, in which 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. Also, for more information on the perpetrator of this massacre, see the Eighteen-Year-Old Salvador RamosInformation was also provided on how the police acted during the massacre, which led to allegations of delay and mishandling of the situation.

The first detailed information about the police action was reported by Texan officials on Wednesday: in particular, they said 40 minutes to an hour had elapsed between Ramos entering the school and police raiding and killing Ramos. Some ruled that this time was too long and accused the police of not intervening immediately to prevent the massacre.

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During a news conference Thursday, one of the heads of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Victor Esklon, said: Will be given A more accurate timeline for new details and Ramos’ actions. According to police reconstruction, Ramos first shot his grandmother on Tuesday morning, then took his car and left it in a ditch near the elementary school at 11:28 p.m.

He then turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place. At about 11:30 a.m., Ramos began firing on the school’s perimeter fence. Ten minutes later, no one entered the building without stopping him.

At 11:44 a.m., police arrived and began confronting Ramos, while Eskelon said he had locked himself in a classroom where he had killed students and teachers. An hour later, at 12:40, a group of special agents entered the school, reached the classroom and finally killed Ramos. Meanwhile, other police officers coordinated the expulsion of students from other classes.

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Earlier, some newspapers reported that Ramos had met two armed guards before entering the school, with whom he was involved in a firefight. Eskelon denied the allegations, confirming that Ramos was able to enter the school without being stopped, but did not provide further details on the circumstances and said the investigation was still ongoing.

According to the official reconstruction, for about an hour, police did not intervene inside the building to confront Ramos directly. Experts and manuals define intervention activities in these cases Essential Rapid police intervention to prevent the killing of one or more armed individuals. It is suggested to form an intervention team immediately with the first agents on the spot without waiting for the arrival of other special teams as precious time will be lost.

These new details have led to new charges against the police, already triggered by various testimonies of what happened outside the school while the massacre was taking place. Some, including the parents of the students, accused the police of waiting too long to prevent them from entering the school and firing. Some of them volunteered to enter, but were stopped by police who cordoned off the area.

Among other things, according to some local media, Ramos could not have forcibly opened the door of the forbidden class by the police if it had been opened by a school employee who had the keys. “They were not ready,” Javier Caesar, the father of one of the girls killed by Ramos, told police.

Apparently, the videos and testimonies collected these days cannot be considered a complete representation of what happened because many elements of police operations in Wolverhampton are still unknown.

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Lt. Christopher Oliver of the Texas Department of Defense has denied any allegations made to police so far and said law enforcement will act immediately and comply with all protocols for such emergency operations.

The controversy surrounding police operations is also relevant because it is part of the debate over weapons in the United States and their relationship with school killings. One of the arguments of those who argue that gun control should be as loose as possible, for example, is that the best way to counter armed assault is to have an equal weapon. This is why some Republicans argued after the Texas massacre Teachers should be given the opportunity to possess a weapon In the classroom, he is at the forefront of protecting students from snipers like Ramos.

Criticism of the police can lead to arguments by those who argue that the only way to combat events like what happened in Texas is to control the sale and proliferation of weapons.

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