“Pope’s wrong tone in interview with Grill”


No agreement was reached during the meeting between Pope Francis and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was announced by the Kremlin, while the Russian Orthodox Church confirms this in an interview with Pope Francis. Courier della sera“Patriot misrepresented his conversation with Grill” and “chose the wrong tone” to express its content.

“One and a half months after the interview with Patriarch Grill, it is unfortunate that Pope Francis chose the wrong tone to convey the content of this interview.
It starts like this Note from the Communications Service of the Moscow Patriotic Department for External Relations Regarding the interview given by Pope Francis to Courier della sera.

Note published in Italian – The words of a patriot during a conversation with Pope Francis on March 16. Grill wanted to share with the Pope his “view of the difficult situation we are currently experiencing,” in which he said “the Western media rarely speaks certain facts that might attract your attention”.

“Patriot Grill – writes the Communications Service – The conflict began with the events in Kiev in 2014, which led to the transfer of power in Ukraine. In particular, he drew the speaker’s attention to the events in Odessa and their aftermath. The Pope then spoke of “locked up and set on fire.”

“In addition, the patriot Grill – reading today’s note – recalled that at the end of the Soviet era, Russia’s promise that NATO would not move an inch eastward, however, this promise was broken, and that even some former Soviet Baltic republics joined NATO, resulting in a more dangerous situation: NATO’s borders are 130 kilometers from St. Petersburg, and the missile flight time is only a few minutes. If Ukraine allows NATO, the flight time to Moscow will be a few minutes. Because “it is very important to avoid further escalation in the current situation”.

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Pope Francis’ response was accurately summarized in the Vatican Press Office on March 16: “The church should not use the language of politics, but the language of Jesus“.” We are shepherds of the same holy people who believe in God, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Mother of God: For this we must unite to help peace, to help those who are suffering, to find ways for peace, and to stop the fire.“As noted in the same message,” the parties underscored the exceptional importance of the current negotiation process. “

In the evening The Cardinal Parolin He reiterated: “At this stage there is no other option. The Holy Father has expressed his desire to go to Moscow. We look forward to meeting President Putin in person and telling him what they want to do. Moreover, I do not believe that any further effort can be made on the part of the Holy Father.

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