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Lewis’ decision to close the teacher-run lab comes after another outsourcing of the author. Who prophesied at the beginning of the war in Ukraine: “Russia has already won”

And one, and two, and three … and four, five, six … but how many Shocking phrases Pronounced professor Alessandro Orsini? The truth is, for his countless outsourcing, Lewis has decided to close the lab For the international defense he directed. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Some held less televisionBut given the large amount of material available, you can already fill aA collection of “most important” phrases Of the professor.

For example, we can begin with his first prophecy: “We must have the courage to confess it Putin has already won“. Again:” This is a war lost from the beginning. Or we We give Putin what he wants or he will get it anyway“The professor believed it in March. The facts proved him wrong, but he continued to offer advice. In his opinion, Orsini was forced to end the conflict with the victory of the Russian president. Ukraine should be called to surrender. Above all, it must be said in his own words: “Even in a dictatorship a child can be happy“. So what’s the problem Surrender to Putin?

However, Ukraine continued its opposition, and the angry professor fired his arrows Zhelensky: “This is a danger to peace. It must be abandoned. He should be quiet, he is politically incompetent. Seeing that the Ukrainian president was not listening to him, Orsini began to offer some advice to Mario Draghi: “Italy must do three things. Break with the EU, Recognizes the sins of the West and Putin, and says he is ready to recognize Donbass and Crimea during the war. The Prime Minister, of course, did not follow the “tip” given to him and the professor took it to heart: “The Drake government is a puppet government in the hands of the White HouseI agree with Putin, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

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However, it is wrong to believe that Orsini did not criticize the Russian president. To him Putin “dangerous in level 10”. However, after this statement about the Russian president he added with great confidence that it is very bad: “I think Level 10 is also dangerous. He is a traitor to Europe and he punches her in the back. As for Ukraine, I think Putin is as dangerous as Pita.

But Orcini is not only generous with “good advice,” the professor often expresses his historical interpretations on television. As he openly said: “During fascism My grandfather had a happy childhood. Until the last re-reading of past events, it convinced Louis to sever ties: “Hitler had no intention of starting World War II. What happened was that on September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, and England and France became allies of Poland, creating a domino effect in which Hitler was not interested. Looking forward to the next episode, There is only one thing to add: The teacher also has a heart. A few tears could easily escape him: “Every time I hear someone wanting to enter a country In NATOEspecially if it’s near the borders of Russia, I cry.

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