Protest of Ukrainian farmers in Melidopol

War in Ukraine We are not just fighting with conventional weapons. Machine guns, missiles, drones and tanks are only one side of the conflict, something you would expect to see. But there is another war, and crawling, which is tricky and fights with what one has. Moreover, it has a secondary effect, beyond physical damage – but it is not secondary – which deeply undermines the peace and tranquility of the Russian military. This is the urban guerrilla war, the resistance of the people who do not want aggression. E Current validation is still low.

The last chapter, in this sense, was written Melitopol, Occupied by Russian troops for almost one and a half months. as said Ivan Fyodorov, The mayor of the city was fired, the latest attack on the Ukrainian opposition … Fruit. Local farmers have actually begun to poison their own cultures, especially the cherries, in order to cause “mass disease” among the invaders who frequently and willingly plunder the trees or fields of the Ukrainians.

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Another confirmation beyond the campaign PutinThe Ukrainians do not want to re-enter the government Russia. “Melidopol residents have completely boycotted the celebrations Victory Day – Says Fyodorov – Of the 70,000 residents who stayed in the city last Sunday, only 15 were waiting in line for Russian passports.

The atmosphere of apparent hostility towards the invader was witnessed by almost two minutes of audio, which ended in hands.Intelligence He overhears a conversation between two Russian soldiers in Ukraine. “The boys in the front row are crazy – one of the two says – they’re not safe among the city dwellers. They are quiet in the morning, they can shoot at you in the evening. You can not trust anyone.

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In short, not just poisonous cherry. On Wednesday, two tractors and three truck trailers parked outside the headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies caught fire. Apparently fire burning. Two days later, an employee from the same ministry was stabbed in the back while walking through a crowd.

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