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From Paolo Valentino, reporter from Berlin

Russian leader: “We are strengthening ourselves in the face of threats.” But according to many experts, the announcements coming from Moscow far outweigh the real employment of Moscow’s weapons.

From our correspondent
Berlin – it will be Will be operational by the end of this yearThe Super ICPM
SharmathSophisticated and intimidating weapon in the Kremlin’s arsenal. Vladimir Putin announced In person, he talks to young graduates of Russian military academies. “It simply came to our notice then We will be even stronger, ”said the Russian presidentDrawing its reference grammar once again: “Facing new threats and dangers, We will upgrade and strengthen our armed forcesIn light of the lessons of modern conflicts.

Tested again in April, the Sarmat (NATO code SS-X30 Satan 2) is a liquid propulsion device. Limit more than 18,000 km, Capable of loading up to twelve thermonuclear warships Each with an independent mouse. But it could also serve as a vector for the new Avoncord hypersonic glide vehicle, boasting of being Vladimir Putin’s decisive weapon, theoretically capable of “piercing” the US anti-missile shield system jaw and preventing it from intercepting a trajectory crossing the South Pole. 50 Sharmats will be ready for operation by the end of 2022.

But Putin spoke of the immediate strengthening of Russian troops War in Ukraine. According to the Kremlin chief, the new S-500 anti-missile defense systems have already been delivered, making them “unparalleled in the world”. According to the head of the Russian Air Force Sergei Surovkin, the S-500s can hit targets even in space. How far the Kremlin’s announcements are in line with reality remains to be seen. According to many Western experts, Moscow’s declaration policy is largely beyond the real data on the use and reliability of these weapons.. But underestimating Russia’s military capability is certainly a big mistake.

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Meanwhile, yesterday The German government has for the first time officially released a list of weapons already handed over by Germany to Ukrainian forces and those in operation.. Nothing new, but so far it has been confirmed that 3,000 ammunition, 100,000 grenades, 2,700 Strolla rocket launchers, 500 Stinger rocket launchers, 100 machine guns, 16 million ammunitions, 900 Pasooks with 14,900 anti-tanks have been delivered.

During this time 7 2000 self-propelled howitzers arrived in Ukraine. These are the first heavy weapons made in Germany, which will continue in the coming days and weeks. These include 30 Jeopardy anti-aircraft tanks with 6,000 ammunition, 54 M113 armored vehicles for troop traffic, the Iris-de SLM anti-aircraft defense system capable of defending only one large city, 10 anti-aircraft guns and 6 million ammunition for personal weapons. , 10,000 ammunition for artillery, 32 spy drones.

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